Technology and the World Cup: Future’s Partnership Campaign 

June 4th, 2018

Future plc, global platform for specialist media, further diversifies its partnership with  Honor the leading smartphone e-brand around the greatest sporting event of the year.

TechRadar, the UK’s leading authority on consumer technology, is working with  distinguished mobile brand Honor, to produce a suite of articles capturing the spirit of the  World Cup and the best technology around it.

TechRadar has already kick-started the social campaign which runs from the 30th of May  until the 29th of June. The website’s talented journalists will be creating a hub of 30  articles centred around the World Cup, promoting the use of technology in football.

As advocates of independence in journalism, the content on TechRadar will not be  commercially influenced by this partnership. Rather, Honor will be supporting the social  campaign with branding around it and sharing in the increased traffic around the  tournament.

TechRadar is leveraging this opportunity to position itself as the leading destination for  the best technology in relation to the tournament. Articles will include ‘Wearables of the  World Cup’, ‘Around the World Cup in 32 VR adventures’ and ‘Predicting the World Cup  with big data’. The use of programmatic and display advertising will optimise Honor’s  mobile products to complement the content.

“It’s fantastic that we have teamed up with Honor to bolster TechRadar’s World Cup  coverage,” says ​Marc Chacksfield, Global Editor-In-Chief (Interim) of TechRadar​.

“The World Cup is one of the biggest sporting events in the calendar, but it is also a great  time if you are into technology. Whether it’s finding the best TV to watch football on or  understanding the tech that has gone into the World Cup ball, TechRadar has got you  covered.

“We have a whole month dedicated to reporting on all aspects of technology and the  World Cup, with editorially independent content that celebrates both the tournament  and the innovations of technology in sport.”

Wilkin Lee, Sales and Marketing Director, Honor ​said, ​“What event captures attention,  stir emotions and connects with people through their passions more than the World  Cup? As Connectors, Creators and Experience Makers Future aligning with our passion  and technology, we are very excited to be associated with their World Cup coverage.”

Football has embraced technology from using data to improve players’ performance on  and off the pitch to the gadgets used by referees to help monitor the game. TechRadar, in  partnership with Honor, is the go-to guide on what innovation means for the beautiful  game and beyond.

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