It all started with a first date!

August 3rd, 2017


Sensimar is a range of holidays that was created just for adults. MediaCom’s challenge was to make young, aspirational couples aware of and understand the Sensimar product.

We identified that TV sponsorship was going to be the best vehicle to raise awareness and cut through to this younger aspirational audience, and with the Sensimar product being centred on couples, dating was the perfect environment for us to land Sensimar, and First Dates was the ideal platform due to the synergy of the “couples” product offering and people’s first dates.

First Dates was not only one of the highest rating programmes, running for the longest time but also had the best brand fit. It offered us a smash hit show that follows a range of couples going on a blind date in a discreetly rigged restaurant. At the end of the date, the couples are interviewed together and asked whether they would like to see each other again. The show broadcasts on Channel 4 on a weeknight, and whilst it was pulling in big numbers it also had room to grow.

Not only was First Dates the perfect brand and targeting fit, it’s on air dates also co-coincided with months in the year where Thomson see the majority of their bookings, so there was a further business benefit of partnering the show.

To further highlight this link the sponsorship idents were designed to showcase what a “First Date” can lead to featuring Sensimar resorts.

In addition to the sponsorship idents, a mini-series with 4shorts, called ‘First Breaks’, allowed us to create a deeper link with the sponsorship. We identified that the next key stage in a relationship after a first date is a couple’s first holiday; the first time you are in each other’s company 24hours a day!  As a result, we created a mini-series with 4shorts called First Breaks, following couples who were going on their first holiday together to Sensimar resorts in Crete and Corfu.  There were 4 episodes in total, each lasting 3-4 minutes targeted at viewers of the First Dates programme.

The All4 Shorts Series ‘First Breaks’ campaign had 19.9m views across all platforms. In addition to the C4 activity we ensured assets were produced for Thomson’s owned channels; we produced cut down edits with subtitling for Facebook and Twitter and produced versions that were used in all 680 Thomson retail stores across the UK.

Licensing rights allowed us to use the logo across consumer and trade PR and promote the campaign across Thomson and First Dates social media channels. This allowed us to run First Dates on Thomson Airways In Flight Entertainment systems and also feature an article on Fred, the concierge from the First Dates restaurant in the Thomson in-flight magazine. The Short films were also produced to run across all of Thomson’s stores around the UK with subtitling.

The campaign was deemed so successful that the Thomson are continuing the sponsorship for a second year.

Andrew Gifford Partnerships Manager, Mediacom Beyond Advertising

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