The Roger Collective helps to spread LGBT awareness

March 22nd, 2018

The Roger Collective is delighted to have the glamorous and powerful force for good that is Nancy Buoy, aka Daniel Nauthe, as its latest cover star.

As the internal comms magazine for the entire Virgin Group, The Roger Collective magazine’s job is to encourage Virgin people all over the world to feel great about the brand they work for and give them an opportunity to share their stories in way that is engaging, enjoyable and eye-catching. But The Roger Collective also works as a platform for anyone at Virgin to promote and raise awareness of important issues – like diversity, inclusion and their 100% Human campaigns – and Daniel Nauthe is no exception.

Daniel, as well as being part of the cabin crew for Virgin Australia, is also Nancy Buoy – a popular drag performer and ambassador for social change.

“Through Nancy I’ve been privileged to support numerous charities and bring awareness to topics close to my heart,” says Daniel. “Nancy has a bewildering power: when she speaks, people listen. So why not use that power for good?”

Nancy’s posting as Ambassador for the New South Wales Police Gay and Lesbian Liaison Officers was a humbling experience for Daniel.

“Here is one of the most disciplined environments in the country asking Nancy to trot around and be their figurehead. It was surreal. My brief was simple: just be Nancy.”

“I was free to genuinely interact with the police and showcase their fantastic wit and natural approachability. What we ended up with was a series of videos that highlighted inclusivity and sensitivity, bridging the perceived gap between the force and the LGBTQI communities. It showed the New South Wales police for the kind and fabulous people they are.”

Saskia Dornan, Head of Internal Communications for the Virgin Group said: “I’m so pleased to have Daniel/Nancy on the cover. I have received so much positive feedback as a result and it represents everything we support and believe in at Virgin. As well as the great cause it represents, it’s simply an amazing cover image. At Virgin, spreading the message of equal rights for the LGBT community is extremely important, so I am honoured that we have been able to share Daniel’s great work in The Roger Collective.”

Richard Branson himself is a great advocate of equal rights, saying: “Business leaders and influencers have a big responsibility to get out there and tackle problems. While not claiming to have all the answers, it is vital that those who have the opportunity use their platform for good.”

Check out Nancy’s video announcing her work with the New South Wales Police Gay and Lesbian Liaison Officers on her YouTube channel.

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