Richard Branson’s daughter Holly sings the praises of magazine published by John Brown

July 26th, 2018

Holly Branson, member of the leadership team at Virgin Management UK, and the daughter of Sir Richard Branson, gave a big thumbs up to The Roger Collective, the internal communications magazine published by John Brown on behalf of the Virgin Group. And she even gives Roger a name check in her new book WEconomy.

Holly, who is the cover star of the latest edition of The Roger Collective, sang the magazine’s praises in a lovely piece she wrote for Here it is in its entirety and you can read the original version on here.

“Who keeps 71,000 employees, across five different continents, up to date with what their friends and colleagues are getting up to on the other side of the world? Who makes incredible people from Dubai, Australia, South Africa, the States and the UK, (to name just a few), feel part of the same family? Roger, that’s who!

“Roger, or to give it it’s full title, The Roger Collective, is all about giving our 71,000 Virgin people the opportunity to come together in an engaging, enjoyable, inspiring and visually stunning way to share their stories.

“Managed by the wonderful Saskia Dornan (a 23-year Virgin veteran) and edited by the unstoppable Kate Cornish, who has been in a relationship with Virgin for longer than some people are married – 22 years – it is unsurprising that Roger is a much loved, and extremely knowledgeable, member of the family.

“Saskia wanted to produce a magazine for the entire Virgin family and brought in John Brown Publishing to help with her vision – a magazine that would turn traditional staff magazines on its head. The team knew that to engage our vibrant, innovative people, they needed a magazine that would embrace their pioneering and fun spirit. Roger was born with its modern quirky look and a friendly and simple editorial approach – it not only looks amazing but its inventive, enjoyable, and totally readable.

“Roger is unashamedly all about our Virgin people – how they got there, what they’re doing there and where they’re going next. One of my favourite descriptions of Roger is: “the magazine equivalent of having a beer with your work mates at the end of the day.” How lovely is that!

“I, like 71,000 other Virgin peeps across the globe, genuinely feel a real sense of ownership and love for Roger – and that is not only an absolute credit to Kate and Saskia – but also to all the incredible Virgin people who are featured in Roger every issue.

“But we’re not the only ones who think that Roger deserves some praise; here are a few of the awards Roger has been given over the last few years: 2017 CMA Best Internal Company Engagement, Gold; 2016 CMA Best Internal, Bronze;  2015 CMA Best Illustration, Silver; 2007  CiB COTY (Communicator of the Year Awards), Best Designer.

“Saskia, Kate and Roger, thank you. And to all of our wonderful Virgin people around the world, I hope you enjoy next week’s edition and thank you for letting me be your cover star.

“Here’s to what I, (with bias), believe is the best staff magazine in the world; Roger!”

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