How to maximise your awards entries

August 23rd, 2018

I am sure that the date is constantly at the forefront of your mind, but if you do need reminding – the deadline for the CMA awards is Friday, September 14th. We have already received a significant number of entries, but traditionally the last few weeks before the deadline are when they come in thick and fast.

With that in mind, we thought we would put together a few pointers as to how agencies, and indeed brands, can maximise their award potential.

1. Don’t forget collaborations

Over the last few years, we have noticed a key trend emerging  – collaborative award entries. Campaigns are sometimes the work of more than just one company. They’re often a pairing of an agency and a brand. Multiple agencies too can work on a campaign and occasionally there is a media company involved. In fact looking at last year’s awards, the silver in the Automotive category went to Road Trip for a Reason for Land Rover, a collaboration between The Precinct & Spark44. Also in the  FMCG category Silver was scooped by Badger Ultimate Beer Sheds, a three way campaign featuring a brand, Badger Beer, an agency Joint, and a media partner in UNILAD.

Anecdotally several agencies have told us recently that they have overlooked collaborations in their award entries. We think this is an oversight. Also, it is worth mentioning that the cost can be split between the different partners.

2. The same case study can sometimes be entered multiple times

You might have produced many great content campaigns for your clients throughout the year, however there may be one that stands above the others in terms of creation, execution and results. One obvious move is to use that campaign, and if appropriate enter it for different awards. For example, not just in the general awards categories, but also in niches like travel or automobile. We know that creating the perfect award entry takes a good deal of time and thought. However, if you choose to enter the same campaign in more than one award it will also enable you to save time as some of the fields will have been created already. Obviously entering the same campaign in different categories also increase your overall chance of winning an award.


3. Make sure you are aware of all the awards categories

Sometimes it is easy to miss a trick when it comes to the categories. For example, you might have created a fantastic video, but that doesn’t mean you are limited to just the video category. If the content was part of PR campaign then don’t forget the use of content in media relations award. Or was your content being continuously pumped out over a set period? If so there is the Always On award to enter, perhaps in addition to the social media one. Check out the full list here.

4. Work collaboratively with others in your company

Some of the best thought out award entries we have seen in recent years have been created collaboratively. They have come from the minds of not just marketing people, but people from the sales or the creative teams too. Many heads are clearly better than one. And when you have created the entry it is is essential to make sure that as many eyes as possible see it. Nothing puts the judges off more than entries strewn with typos and punctuation errors.

So remember, the awards deadline is on September 14th – get cracking.

Ashley Norris, CMA Editorial Consultant

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