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iProspect March 1st, 2017

Like me you’ve probably been through or are currently going through the exercise of setting personal and team objectives for 2017. It’s drilled into us that goals and objectives must follow the SMART framework, that is:

Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic & Time bound

I know what you’re thinking… Andy why are you writing about annual objectives on the CMA blog? For me that’s simple to answer, I believe that if SMART objectives are good enough for us they should be good enough for the content that we write too. As an industry we often talk about the challenges in measuring the content that we create. When searching online for the topic, I see a lot of generic goals like; generate new content, drive engagement, improve social reach. Which leads me to ask, how many of us are using SMART objectives for the content or campaigns that we create for our clients?

As an employee there is nothing more frustrating than having unclear or unrealistic goals, how would you feel if your boss set you the goal to do more? Do more what? You might ask! You’d likely also have other questions. Our goal is to help our clients and partners by removing any possible confusion when it comes to measuring content.

How do we know that this piece of content has been successful in answering the business challenge that’s been set? Increased reach or engagement isn’t the answer.

As we continue deeper into 2017 and beyond, nothing suggests that content production will slow down. In fact it’s been growing year on year. This represents a challenge, how do we continue to create and sell stand out content that is measurable, over, well, just another piece of content?

If the output was the same and you were hiding on the objective, which one of the below would you invest your content budget in? To make this a little more fun, we’ve put a Poll on Twitter.

  1. A) KPis – Increase engagement rate
  1. B) SMART – Create a social media amplification plan to Increase the engagement rate via social channels of x campaign (Twitter, Facebook and linked) from an average of 15 shares to 30 within the first 30days of the campaign going live.

Have your say here: we’ve made it easy and pinned the post so you’ll be able to take part.

Whatever the objectives are for your content this year, make them SMART. Hopefully you’ll agree based on the example, a SMART based objective is much more tangible and provides your client or team with a simple way to measure success once the goal has been achieved.

Andy Edmonds, Head of Engagement, iProspect


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