Looking through the Periscope on Twitter’s new app

April 8th, 2015

Broadcasters beware. Twitter’s latest appquisition, Periscope, allows users to view and broadcast video live from anywhere online. It has the potential to change the international media-scape forever. So what does this mean for content marketing?

Like every agency with a digital heart, here at Seven we’re getting excited about the countless potential uses for this new platform. Like most great content, Periscope is addictive. Download the app and you’ll see what I mean. Nothing is dull when you’re seeing it live through the eyes of someone on the other side of the globe.

What is it?

Launched last Thursday, it’s already clear that we should ready ourselves for a plethora of foodie clips and pet vids streamed in real time. Although this was to be expected (and secretly enjoyed… Lil Bub is cute) Periscope has incredible potential to become a news and media hub for the masses. Imagine the power of well-planned, audience-targeted, live content. For the digital marketer, this is where Persicope’s true potential lies.

Suddenly we have a channel for the immediate dissemination of media and news as it happens. Users can stream anything instantly, from a motorway accident or natural disaster to Kanye’s next impromptu Nando’s appearance (Peri-Periscope anyone?) This is live coverage shot by the public, for the public and reaching the public faster than ever before.

On day one of the app’s launch, Spotify showed users a live set by Villagers’ Connor O’Brien. Watchers felt they had been given exclusive access to this “behind-the-scenes” gig, a true connection with a talented artist; thanks, Spotify! The initial response was good with up to 500 users following the broadcast live. Considering the app had just been unwrapped and wrenched from the box, these results are promising. And this is just the tip of the iceberg.

Twitter’s rumoured $100 million spend is proof of this. It’s an investment in a putting a news-camera and long furry microphone in the pocket of every savvy smart-phone owner. This isn’t to say there won’t be hurdles along the way. There are both privacy and copyright issues along with the unpredictability of live broadcasts (JUST KEEP ON SINGING MADONNA). After all it’s hard to make live video interesting if everyone in shot is using each other’s back to sign a release form. If you’re interested, check out Adweek’s article here, which outlines some very real potential issues with marketers using the platform.

These worries aside, get ready for a real look into the cogs and wheels of iconic brands with anything from exclusive interviews to live cook-offs. In Periscope’sown words, prepare yourselves for “the closest thing to teleportation”, or at the very least, a new wave of ultra-connectivity by which thousands of eyes can be reached with the touch of a button.

Jamie Richards, Magnificient7 trainee, Seven
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