It’s a Remarkable win at The Brand Film Festival 2017

April 13th, 2017

Last week Mike Tamlyn, Creative Director at Remarkable was lucky enough to be rubbing shoulders with their new peers, who were representing brands such as Unilever, HSBC, Shell, Ford and Adidas. It became clear very quickly that Remarkable had stepped into the big league, with their Beyond Zero health and safety film for Associated British Ports being shortlisted.

The Brand Film Festival made its debut in New York in 2016, celebrating the best of brand storytelling throughout America. As a result of the festival’s incredible success, industry leading brands PRWeek and Campaign introduced the festival to London.

As it becomes harder to reach audiences through traditional media, innovative brands are looking to agencies like Remarkable to transform their marketing business with the use of brand films. A branded content film begins with an exceptional collaboration with a filmmaker with the ambition to deliver a visually powerful story that subtly delivers a brands’ message.


Last week’s Brand Film Festival London showcased the best of Europe’s branded content films, ranging from John Lewis’ Christmas ad, ‘Buster the Boxer’, to Hugo Boss’ record breaking ‘SkyWalk’. The films that made this ‘oh so prestigious’ shortlist also featured cultural legends like Buzz Aldrin and Fifty Cent.

In contrast, our entry featured Remarkable’s very own Adam Roberts, James Atterbury, Toby Vane and a small cameo by my good self. You’ve got to smile at that juxtaposition.

Remarkable worked with Associated British Ports to produce a hard-hitting campaign that would change the health and safety culture amongst its 2,000 employees – and 84,000 others they work alongside – across 21 UK ports.

As you can imagine, in any port environment daily risks to health and safety are high. It’s noisy, busy and fast moving, with potential for serious, even fatal, accidents. Remarkable needed to design an uncompromising video campaign to cut through the noise and demand attention.

The aim of the film was to drastically reduce the number of injuries or accidents, whilst fundamentally changing the way ABP employees regard health and safety.

The central theme – one accident affects many lives.

The film takes a hard look at the impact of one incident – one moment – that creates serious, perhaps devastating, consequences for a victim, their family, colleagues – even the emergency services.

Our 1:30’ film is produced in the style of a cinema trailer. It has the feel of an action thriller; fast moving, dramatic and tense with sharp edits and powerful sound design. The interwoven scenes and characters are linked by one incident, but the story is disjointed, jumping from scene to scene. We meet the characters and see the hints towards what is about to happen and the effect it is going to have on their lives.

As the film draws to a conclusion, the relationships between the characters become clearer, yet the story is ambiguous – leaving the viewer wondering about both the outcome and the circumstances that led up to it.

(ABP | Beyond Zero from Remarkable Content)

I’m proud to say that this film has had a good run so far, winning at The International Content Marketing Awards and the RAD Awards, but being rewarded with a Bronze Award last week felt like a very special achievement indeed. Just to put this into perspective, ‘Buster the Boxer’ got a Silver, so I’m more than happy with our achievement.

You can view the best of Europe’s brand films (yes, that’s us too) here:

A big well done to everyone involved, both at Remarkable and at ABP.

Well chuffed.

Mike Tamlyn, Creative Director, Remarkable


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