Introducing the B2B social media award

August 29th, 2018

One of our new awards for 2018 recognises how social media has become pivotal for many B2B brands. Here’s why we introduced it, and why you should consider entering it.

B2B brands developing social media strategies is not a new phenomenon. Companies have used LinkedIn for sharing key messages, cultivating networks and creating new business opportunities for many years. However, what we are increasingly seeing is enterprises experimenting with other platforms and channels as they seek to engage with often tricky to reach target audiences. As any marketer knows the key differentiator of B2B campaigns is invariably that they are not driven by scale. They are about finding the right audience – and that might be thousands of people, or just one person

And while LinkedIn is still incredibly important, and we have already seen some excellent LI based campaign entries, the individuals and businesses that companies need to reach might also spend time online on other platforms. For example, Twitter is a place where companies share links to their own content while engaging in debates with others in the industry. While for many tech companies Medium has become an essential part of their marketing arsenal, a place where they parade their thought leadership and connect with others who have similar passions. Other companies have been creating podcasts, videos and infographics and sharing these across social channels.

Our new category is for social media campaigns across any/multiple social platforms and in any form applied in a B2B context.

B2B influencers

Another area where there has been significant growth has been in the use of influencers in B2B social media marketing. There are numerous ways that brands work with influencers. The most obvious one is via co-creation of content. Companies produce reports, surveys etc which they have worked on with an individual who has authority, often an academic. Perhaps the best value for B2B marketers from influencers is in helping distribute big ticket content, but quotes, blog posts, video appearances are also significant opportunities.

Influencers can extend the reach of a brand, or more particularly the content that it creates, by giving a third party endorsement to it on social channels. They can also prove to be useful challenging a brand’s views and perceptions and helping to shape that content.

So for our award we are looking for B2B social media campaigns that show relevant use of platform/s, targeting, iterative executions and use of feedback loops.

The winners will be able to demonstrate how the B2B campaign shifted the dial for the company in terms engagement, customer recruitment and retention and contribution to business outcomes, including sales and brand uplifts.

Details on how to enter are here.

Ashley Norris, Editorial Consultant, The CMA

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