Content of the Future – 5th July

June 7th, 2017

1 week to go until our next digi breakfast on the 5th July, where the speakers will be discussing how content of the future will be semantically-rich, structured content pieces that are human-readable and machine-process-able – we look at why (and how to do it right)

There was a great turnout at the Brands as Broadcasters Digital Breakfast on Wednesday 7th June, thanks to everyone that came!

We had attendees from companies such as August Media, Bloomberg, CKN Print, Cystic Fibrosis Trust, iProspect, Guinness World Records, ITN Productions, New Media Publishing, REED, Rostrum, SevenC3, Shell, Spafax and Wardour to name but a few.

“Three brilliant speakers, covering pertinant angles of broadcasting content”

Steve Harper, UK Sales Enablement and Bid Lead, Kelly Services 

The speakers were intelligent and well versed in their topics”

Ian Stanley, Account Manager, McCann

“Interesting to see how different approaches can come together”

Theo Clark, Assitant Producer, Spafax

“Great event. A fantastic opportunity to hear the story from different perspectives of broadcasters vs brands”

Katy Gwilliam, Senior Marketing & Comms Manager

“Really enjoyed today’s session. The principles of broadcasters may have remained the same for decades but the mediums have changed. This session reflected this”

Jessica Harriott-Kerr, Marketing & Comms Executive 

We have a great line up of speakers confirmed for the 5th July Digital Breakfast on Content of the Future:


Stephen Kenwright, Director of Search, Branded3

Stephen is director of search at St. Ives Group-owned Branded3 – the best large SEO agency in Europe according to the 2016 judges of the EU Search Awards – and is responsible for owned media, including search, analytics and marketing.

Writing weekly for the Drum Magazine, Stephen has presented at more than 100 industry events since joining B3 in 2012 and now organises the SearchLeeds conference, hosting thousands of marketers from around Europe every year.

Intelligence in content is about accessibility – how can we make sure the right content surfaces itself at the moment when a customer wants to see it? We’ll never really know how good content is unless we can test the reaction of the exact people who need to see it – so how can we use testing this to create better content? Stephen will cover:

  • How conversational UX – chatbots, voice search etc. – are making content accessible in different ways and what we need to do about this
  • Is AI realistic for most brands in the near future?
  • How do we take our first steps towards this?
  • Why Amazon is the ultimate intelligent content engine and how to compete

Nicola Fleming, VP Head of Digital Content Strategy, Barclays

The way we consume content is evolving at a relentless pace, leaving some businesses struggling to keep up.

Nicola Fleming, digital strategist and former Head of Digital Content Strategy for Barclays, explains why implementing structured content today can help organisations prepare for the devices and behaviours of tomorrow.

Noz Urbina, Content Strategist and Founder, Urbina Consulting

Noz Urbina is a globally recognised content strategist and modeller. He’s well known as a pioneer in customer journey mapping and adaptive content modelling to support personalised, contextually relevant content for omnichannel experiences.  He is also co-author of the book “Content Strategy: Connecting the dots between business, brand, and benefits“.

Noz will be talking about:

Using Adaptive Content to Create Topical and Evergreen Deliverables from the Same Source

After a strong reception from the  audience at the Content Marketing Institute’s international Intelligent Content Conference (4.8 stars) in Las Vegas, Noz Urbina presents on one of his most in-demand topics.

A core challenge of content marketing is being able to create topical content and evergreen content, at a high level of quality, and at scale. Using examples from enterprise clients, we’ll see how adaptive, intelligent content can bridge the divide between content that’s about the latest hot topics and content that’s useful and interesting to our audience over the longer term.

  • Learn how organisations have rethought their content to allow assets to nurture leads with up-to-the-minute fresh content, while still making those same assets deliver longer-term ROI
  • Learn to break out of the struggle of justifying creating content that goes through a short commission-publish-forget cycle
  • Get practical tips for getting started today


Tim Tucker, Training Consultant – CMA.

Tim is a trainer, content strategist, online copywriter, user experience designer, and consultant who helps people to communicate better through digital media. He has over 13 years’ experience working in digital media.


9am – 11am

(Complimentary breakfast consisting of delicious bacon sandwiches, pastries, fruit pots and smoothies is served from 8:30am)


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51-53 Hatton Garden


CMA Members: £75 + VAT

Non Members: £150 + VAT

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