What Hi-Fi? strengthens market position following Future acquisition  

June 8th, 2018

What Hi-Fi? the UK’s leading audio-visual title has joined the ranks of TechRadar and T3 in  consolidating Future’s technology network in the top spot in the UK.

What Hi-Fi?s position as the market-leading audio-visual magazine has been  instrumental in elevating Future’s technology portfolio and provides greater scope  commercially for Future and the technology titles.

The 42-year-old title is the established authority on AV technology with a global reach of  over 3.7m. Future hopes to further expand on the heritage and credibility of the brand.  Initially, What Hi-Fi? will transition over to Future’s platform model to effectively monetise  content through Future’s proprietary technology, including the industry-leading  eCommerce widget, Hawk and the highly-acclaimed, advertising technology, Bordeaux.  Future is also investing in a state-of-the-art testing facility in order to maintain the high  testing standards of the brand.

Lead by purveyors of journalistic integrity, What Hi-Fi? will be free from commercial  influence, remaining committed to their loyal and dedicated audience by providing  honest, trusted content.

Future is dedicated to building specialist brands and What Hi-Fi? perfectly compliments  our leading consumer technology portfolio – further supporting our commitment to grow  and deliver expertly written and credible content. Alongside Future’s leading technology  titles TechRadar and T3, What Hi-Fi? Has the advantage of our eCommerce expertise and  extensive technology network.

Zack Sullivan, Brand Director – Technology​, says:   “The opportunity to acquire What Hi-Fi? has allowed us to fill a gap in our technology  portfolio. With What Hi-Fi? as the leading-AV publication, we are now pioneers in the  market and have the opportunity to work with some fantastic new people.

“We are looking to improve the brand’s digital position and monetization model and I  hope that together we can take the brand to new heights and a wider global audience.”

Andy Clough, What Hi-Fi?’s Global Brand Director​, says:   “This is an exciting new chapter in What Hi-Fi?’s illustrious history and we look forward to  being part of Future’s global technology portfolio with all the benefits that brings. It’s a  perfect fit for the brand.”

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