Glance Journalism has arrived thanks to the New York Times

April 2nd, 2015

In September 2014, Content Desk predicted the arrival of glance journalism – micro stories written for the small screen.

News that the New York Times (NYT) has rolled out a one-sentence story service on the Apple Watch confirms the new practice, even if it is too early to gauge demand and the form’s success.


The service complements many of the paper’s sections, including business, politics, science and the arts. The watchword (ahem) is complementarity, and as previously we argued that content served on an Apple Watch needed context to be meaningful, so NYT is exploiting the marriage between Apple devices to deliver content:

One-sentence stories are accompanied by The Times’s award-winning photography and short, bulleted summaries. Readers can use Handoff to continue reading any story on iPhone or iPad, or tap “Save for Later” to build a personal reading list.

NYT reports that it has editors on three continents dedicated to the service’s core Apps, which now includes Watch.

Rob Haynes, Content Cloud and Progressive Customer Publishing
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