Four reasons to enter the CMA awards

July 23rd, 2018

Swapping your desks for a sun lounger?

With the unprecedented summer climate distracting and disrupting everyone’s work and sleep patterns, if you must focus on one thing before you swap your desk for a sun lounger it is your CMA award entry.

You can read the main details here, but with a deadline of September 14th to submit your entries, teams need to get cracking.

We should start by stating the obvious that winning any of our awards is a highly credible, respected recognition of some fantastic work. It obviously has huge benefits for everything from new business generation (‘did we tell you about award?’) through to recruitment (‘come and join an award winning agency’).

Yet aside from the obvious there are other more subtle reasons why you ought to be spending the next few weeks compiling your awards entries.

1. It forces you to evaluate the work you have done

Awards in general, and the CMA awards in particular, cause teams to stop for moment and reflect. Not just about how successful the campaign has been and whether it has hit the required KPIs, but also about the journey. What worked well? What could have been done better? Re-evaluating campaigns can help lead us to conclusions which may end up colouring the work we do with that client or in the future with other clients.

2. You get the chance to establish your credentials in different areas

What unites CMA members is that we all work in the sphere of audience first content marketing. However, if you have a specific focus or expertise – such as videos creation, SEO or media relations being part of a Content Marketing Award gives companies a chance to underline their credentials in areas that they might not necessarily be associated with; which as we know can have a profound affect on new business.

3. Your clients love it almost as much as you do

Along with winning new business, retention is key to any agency, and there’s no better way to keeping a client on your good side than winning an award for a campaign you have both worked on. Sometimes clients have a limited understanding as to the excellence of the work that has been undertaken on their behalf. Industry wide recognition is a positive way to, bring this to their attention.

Even if you enter but don’t make the Nominee list, the awards process and the ambition of winning will bring the relationship between client and agency that little bit closer.

4. Never judge someone by the opinion of others.” Anonymous

Every entry is judged on its own merit, with the focus being effectiveness and with budget and size not being the primary focus.  So, you don’t have to responsible for a large budget or to have reached millions of individuals to a be a winner. The questions for you and your client or agency to consider when laying in the shade are:
“was it effective?”
“Did the campaign deliver against the objectives?”
“Is there a clear brand synergy within the campaign?”

and finally…………….

We pride ourselves on the quality of our CMA judging panel. Judges are drawn from across the industry and feature content marketing influencers, editors, publishers and marketers from brands so you can be assured that your work is being judged by the best of the best!

Ashley Norris, Editorial Consultant, The CMA

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