Five brands doing great things on Twitter

January 29th, 2015

In some ways running a branded Twitter account ought to be reasonably straight forward. After all isn’t it all about highlighting great content, sharing news and updates with followers and engaging with customers when appropriate?

However there are ways of transforming a good branded Twitter account into a great one. Here are some examples of brands and the tactics and strategies they use to create exceptional Twitter accounts. Their approach might not be relevant to all brands, but they should inspire anyone who has to think about reaching out via social media.

Burberry @Burberry

British clothing brand Burberry – as worn by thousands of young hipsters as well as middle class countryside dwellers – makes use of an array of vibrant images to ignite its Twitter feed. It is clear from the feed that the pictures are cleverly selected to have maximum impact. Creative use of colour really does enable the brand to stand out. It boasts a whopping 3.56 million followers.

Mangal 2 @mangal2

At the other end of the scale from a multi national retailer like Burberry is Mangal 2, a Turkish restaurant in Dalston, East London. Its key tactic here is humour. Its tweets have a dry, self-deprecating tone which goes down very well with its 15,000+ followers probably many of whom have never been to the restaurant – and has no doubt increased its appeal for the hipsters which flock to the area. Its mocking, acerbic style certainly won’t work for many brands, but it does illustrate how humour can help to extend a brand’s reach on Twitter.

Paddy Power @paddypower

UK betting and sports news company Paddy Power has a reputation for an edgy and some would say controversial approach to both its content and advertising. Its Twitter strategy is no different. Paddy Power specialises in embellishing its Twitter feed with humour and interesting visuals, making use of creative GIFs, Vines and images. It provides its 200,000 followers with comic commentaries during major sporting events, irreverent remarks and handy betting tips.

Domino’s Pizza UK @dominos_uk

Domino’s Pizza’s Twitter account is really good example of how a brand can keep social media both fresh and relevant. There’s no overarching theme here just a potent mix of offers and images. It also works well engaging with trending topics – but in a fun and interesting way – a feat that is not always that easy to achieve.

Arena Flowers @arenaflowers

Heard of Arena Flowers? Nope, me neither, however that hasn’t stopped the brand from amassing more than 22,000 followers by doling out a daily dose of funny quips – so much so that you’d be forgiven for forgetting that the account is even linked to a flower company. But crucially just when it all gets a little too surreal they add links to their own, often excellent content as well as promotions and offers.

The Twitter bio says it all: ‘Betting and sports news, served with a side of mischief by Paddy and Co.’

The key learning here is that images can be powerful. But customise those images by adding comment or humour and you can build up a significant Twitter following and also see some of those tweets become viral.

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