Fear and Threats. Thank God for Content Marketing

March 25th, 2015

Last month I highlighted our Digital Breakfasts, Digital Training Course and CMA Members networking lunch and I’m pleased to say all have been a roaring success!

It was standing room only at the vloggers & bloggers breakfast which we held at CMA member TCOLondon & we have just this week taken a booking for the rest of the year from global superbrand Lego, about half the audiences are now non-members or brands the next one in April will be held at iProspect and then in May at ITN.

We have taken bookings for our industry leading digital training course from both members and non-members, and it was great to welcome 18 CMA member agencies to our networking lunch/all-day session and to quote our newest agency member Michael Reeves from Red Bee Media commented:

“Clare this is exactly why I have joined The CMA what Peter from iProspect has just told me is really valuable information”.

In other news The CMA hosted a chemistry meeting for REED who met with 7 agencies and on Monday we host the final pitch between 3 CMA agencies.

I chaired a panel debate last week at this year’s Guardian Changing Media Summit and it was very nice to hear from a delegate that our session on Millennial magic: how to collaborate with Vine and YouTube stars, was apparently the second most interesting session behind Gary Vaynerchuk. After listening to a few of the sessions I came away thinking thank god I don’t work in traditional media, bore off. Content Marketing is the only area of the mix that isn’t trying to defend its market position but rather is actually in growth, is channel agnostic and is reaching all audiences, including the youngsters who don’t watch telly & consume all their content digitally.

The fear among legacy media companies at this year’s Changing Media Summit had declined but the threat of digital-only rivals has not gone away – says the Guardian http://www.theguardian.com/media-network/2015/mar/20/new-media-threat-buzzfeed-vice?CMP=new_1194&CMP.

At The Economist Big Rethink event this week we heard that Uber, Air BnB and Dogbuddy (Tinder for dogs, letting you adopt a dog in your area!) are all the hot brands right now. All good examples of brands removing the “friction” from the consumer, making it “elegantly simple” and providing a great service with great satisfaction. As we all know marketing is all about storytelling and now its story living.

Both events put into perspective how dynamic and future forward the content marketing industry is and CMA Towers is already planning our industry leading annual event. Over the next few weeks will be presenting ‘Content Marketing Best Practice’ to Bauer Media Group (radio & press) and we have also been asked to speak at Barclay’s global marketing conference so I better get back to it!

Clare Hill is MD at the CMA

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