Explosive video action with cricket captain Joe Root

September 11th, 2017

How to use a bucket of balls and some Art Attack creativity to get your brand in the news.

When Vitality wanted to highlight the historic first ever day/night cricket match in the UK on 17 August, the team at Seven wanted a concept that would be as playful and disruptive as the Vitality brand.

They also wanted an excuse to use UV paint. And lots of it.

In collaboration with Vitality Senior Sponsorship Manager John Ali, the team came up with the idea of inviting England cricket captain Joe Root to play cricket in the dark under UV, using pink cricket balls filled with UV paint.

The video was picked up by both The Sun and Daily Mail to highlight excitement ahead of the historic first pink ball Test.

Seven Director Ben Hyett revealed the secrets behind the shoot: “We shot in the fantastic Abbeydale Picture House in Sheffield, which is a former cinema. The room was behind the cinema screen, and the location were happy for us to make as much mess as possible – as long as the UV paint didn’t hit the ceiling 60 feet up.

“A lot of pre-production work went into the shoot, with tests on frame rates and UV effects. Joe was a real hero and it was his enthusiasm for us throwing paint at him that made the video the success it was.”

Commenting on the day’s activity, Joe said: “Today was a great bit of fun after a tough series against South Africa. I’m no artist, but I can hit a ball!”

John said: “We are immensely proud of what we have created. It’s not often that opportunities like these present themselves: England’s first ever Test with a pink ball, a brand with a pink theme and a valued brand ambassador who is England cricket captain. It was too good not to miss, so we thought we’d have a bit of fun with it.

“Joe was a star during the filming, really getting into the spirit of the shoot. His only complaint was the temperature of the paint, so we’ll have to work on that for next time!”

Seven Head of Content Danielle Welton said: “This was a fantastic team effort, with us turning the idea into reality within less than a week. The result is stunning and testament to the quality you can achieve with a small crew… and a lot of UV paint.”

The Cast

Danielle Welton, Head of Content
“We’re going to need a bigger pot of paint!”
Ben Hyett, Director
“Joe, we need more intensity. Give me Brando!”
Sophie Kelly, Producer
“DO NOT get any paint on that ceiling!”
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