A Decade of Content: The Good, the Bad and the Quirky

January 7th, 2020

As with every passing decade, we’ve had great content, bad content and some downright weird content, but regardless of what content we’ve seen, it always finds a way to stay in our minds.

This is why at Navigate Video, we thought that before we begin to embark on the roaring twenties and delve into whatever the next decade has to offer, it only seems right to have a look back on some of the most memorable marketing efforts we’ve seen and what this means for the future of branded content.

The Good 

Apple – ‘iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus in 107 seconds’ (2016)

A new product release like no other. Apple’s 107-second film showed us how simplicity and pace is sometimes all you need to make a lasting impact, and without a doubt, that’s what this film did.

John Lewis – ‘The Journey’ (2012)

The oldest of the bunch, yet probably the most memorable. ‘The Journey’ was, for some, the beginning of John Lewis’ reign on the Christmas ad world, and very much well-deserved in our opinion.

The film is a masterclass in how to use music and emotive storytelling to capture your audience’s hearts as well as their attention.

Dove – ‘Choose Beautiful’ (2015)

This was, undoubtedly, one of the most powerful campaigns of the decade. A great example of how to give your audience a voice, empower them and show the brand’s humanity. 

The Bad

Pepsi – ‘Live For Now’ (2017)

As we all know, marketing is about more than portraying your message and reading your audience; you also have to be aware of what is going on around you, and this is a perfect example of content that was definitely not socially aware or relevant.

Bloomingdale’s – ‘Spiked Eggnog’ (2015)

This catalogue ad from Bloomingdale’s in 2015 is why you should always think about the implications of what you’re saying and who / if they will cause offense.

Hyundai – ‘Pipe Job’ (2013)

Another ad from a huge brand that clearly missed the mark. Trivialising a serious social issue is never the right way to go.

The Quirky

Land Rover – ‘The Dragon Challenge’ (2018)

Land Rover’s two-part series took their marketing to the extreme. Giving their product a tale to tell that truly entertained and engaged its audience is why we had no choice but to mention it.

Eko – ‘That Moment When’ (2017)

The reason why this series is in our list is because of its interactivity (a nouveauté which will, no doubt, become used more often in the decade to come), great use of humour and short-and-sweet episode length.

Southeastern Guide Dogs – ‘Pip | A Short Animated Film’ (2018)

Aside from stealing our hearts with some great emotive storytelling, Pip the underdog was a great showcase of how to create good animated content that was fit-for-purpose and had its audience in mind at all times.

Looking forward… 

Taking these memorable examples with us into the next decade, here are 5 content marketing tips to consider for your future content endeavours:

  • Storytelling isn’t going out of fashion any time soon.
  • Showing your personality and being human will remain a priority.
  • Purpose, message and audience will always be at the core of your content marketing, regardless of what content you create.
  • Bad marketing stays with you and can tarnish your reputation for years to come.
  • Be aware of and sensitive to what is going on around the world, and never trivialise social issues.

Here’s to a new decade of great content!

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