A Day in the Life of Richard Silvester, Founder & MD, infogr8

January 8th, 2018

6:30 am: The morning of a data-led MD isn’t actually as futuristic as it might sound. I often start the way most people do: a bit of toast and marmalade, hot coffee and some light reading (maybe a newspaper, or whatever book I’m on).

Shortly after breakfast, I check my stats from the previous day on Gyroscope, my go-to app to track all the data I generate throughout my days. A quick glance on yesterday shows when I was most productive online, most active outdoors and most on top of my game. Mornings are my sweet-spot for productivity. On a more competitive note, I really should be taking the longer walking route from the station into work if I have any chance at beating Jahied our account manager in this week’s step competition…

7-8 am: I always start my day by keeping up with a wide range of media: Apple news gives me access to a wide range of outlets like The Guardian, Mirror, Telegraph, and Evening Standard, as well as my usual daily reads from Monocle and FastCo. Traversing around the plethora of dogs in the morning rush of Parsons Green, I find my way on the tube and head into Central London.

8 am: An early morning creative briefing at The Ned, usually joined by one of our clients or partners to catch up on the latest work. Today it’s GSMA, to discuss where things are at with the development of an interactive tool we are building for their flagship mobile money report.

9:15 am: After a short hop on the bus and brisk walk to the agency studio, the team is getting ready for our daily stand-up session, a check-in to gain visibility on where we are with projects, who’s doing what, any blockers and how we can support one another.

Following team stand-up, I review some on-screen work alongside creatives.

9:30 am: By now the team stand-up is coming to a close and it’s time to take a deep dive into the latest creative work we’ve been producing. Alongside our Creative Director, I review key client work that needs to be QA’d. First, a content outline (what we often call a “data map”) for a piece of content that has lots of data and stats that need to be distilled for ease of consumption. With sticky notes and sharpies in hand, our designers begin walking us through the various creative concepts with myself mapping the creative against where it sits within the user journey. We also take a look at insights from a user research report for Internet Watch Foundation and a storyboard for an explainer video for the Rail Delivery Group.

10:30 am: Time to get a broader temperature gauge of all that’s happening at the agency: I take a glance at infogr8’s internal dashboard, keeping a keen eye on our client accounts, digital ecosystem including social media interactions to stay alert to the good health of the agency and to follow anything up with our operations manager.

11 am: The studio’s timetimer rings out and that calls to getting back out onto the field for a client session. I head out with our Creative Director, Content Strategist and Account Manager to Kaspersky HQ for a creative session with their marketing team. The purpose of the session is to define the evolving creative vision and strategy for Kaspersky’s B2B marketing efforts in 2018.

1 pm: We wrap up the session meeting and I part ways with my colleagues to head to Gymbox for a quick lunchtime workout. My usual class is HIT (High Intensity Training) and my weekly instructor helps keep the heart pumping (true to its word: Gymbox’s mantra is “go in, crawl out”). A quick lunch on the way back and energising smoothie gets me back on my feet.

2 pm: I’m back in the studio and I respond to a few of the more pressing emails and get back to queries from team members on Slack. With new clients coming in shortly, I revisit the agenda, jot down a few notes and gather my thoughts for the next session.

2:30 pm: Next up is a brand immersion workshop with Expedia. Alongside their team, we breakout the whiteboard markers and sticky notes again to start mapping out the content Expedia is seeking to present through it’s GLO department. There’s a lot of information to summarise and cover from a large survey of their audience’s needs – distilling and visualising the data in a compelling story will be a key factor to success. Our Senior Project Manager starts mapping out some project timelines and we agree to follow up on finalising project detail.

Our best ideas usually start on the whiteboard – not everything has to be high-tech!

4:30 pm: Following the session, I catch up with our Data Journalist on a few pieces of internal content we have upcoming in the content calendar. We head to Caravan, one of our favourite local cafes in Clerkenwell to catch up with a specialist photographer helping us with a new collaborative project on how people interact with data in everyday life. We scan through the photos and jot down a few ideas for extra locations to round out the project. Later on, we also Skype our web developer to walk through the recent prototype on an scrollable story looking at the art, science and data of great food photography. Both pieces look promising and nearing completion.

5:15 pm: The day is winding down, and I’m back at my desk catching up on some client comms. A delivery man walks in with a package containing a rewarding surprise: a print copy of DNV GL’s annual Energy Outlook report, full of beautiful and complex data visualisations, and shipped from Norway. I share the book with the creative team and we’re thrilled at how the book finally translated in print. We place the book on our client shelf next to previous annual reports.

5:45 pm: Another day has nearly flown by. That’s 16,000 steps gyroscope tells me, must remember to drink water!

6 pm: Time to head home. I take a short walk down to Farringdon station to catch the next tube. On the journey home I try to unwind a little and get an 80’s nostalgic kick currently listening to Ernest Cline’s Ready Player One.

7 pm: Home again. I jot down a few more ideas I had while on the tube before retiring my notebook and pen for the evening. My phone buzzes gently with a notification from Gyroscope: I surpassed my step goal for the day and overtook Jahied for the lead this week. Sharing a screenshot of the results and a smiley face revelling in the results felt appropriate as an end of day ritual. Time to relax, refresh and prepare for another focussed day ahead tomorrow.

Richard Silvester, Founder & MD, infogr8

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