Cyber: the crime is not being prepared

March 10th, 2017

A series of videos for SevenC3 client Grant Thornton explore the realities of cyber-crime, from hacktivists to state-sponsored hacking. The bad news? Someone is out to get you.

Not many people realise that heart pacemakers are WiFi-enabled. It allows surgeons to reset them without the need to slice you open on the operating table. Efficient, eh? The downside of course is that it means someone could kill you just as easily as they can hack your email.

This is the world we delved into when we started to work with Grant Thornton on a campaign around its cyber-resilience offering last year. It started with one of our monthly GrowthiQ articles on the topic of cyber security. This came complete with infographic and was soon supplemented by a series of three videos and a social media playbook.

The point we try to get across in the films is that cyber-security is a growing threat to day-to-day operations, corporate reputation and, ultimately, share price. We filmed three key people at Grant Thornton’s penetration testing lab where they conduct ethical hacking (finding weaknesses in clients’ cyber-defences) and educate clients on ‘realistic resilience’ and taking a ‘pragmatic response’ – two key campaign messages.

The videos have been launched on LinkedIn [pic] and Twitter over the past three weeks and are hosted along with other rich media assets on Grant Thornton’s cyber hub. They’re more about exploring cyber-security issues than a hard sell for the organisation, but the expectation is that they will generate new business and raise the profile of the company in this market.

The next step is for Grant Thornton to launch a report around the value of data at the end of March, which will see a second external push for the videos.

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