Content marketing case studies from across the globe

May 11th, 2016

Every now and then we round up some best of breed examples of content marketing concepts from across the globe. The five we have featured below all feature brands using content in innovative and highly effective ways.

Electronic Beats

If you want to know more about German youth culture, and in particular the electronic music scene, a great place to start is the Berlin-based website Electronic Beats. At first glance it looks like an edgy site from a mainstream publisher, yet if you peer closely at the site you will see a T-Mobile logo in the corner.

The site, which is actually owned by T-Mobile’s parent company Deutsche Telekom, has become a respected and popular part of Germany’s influential clubbing scene.

The editors believe that readers like the site as it is advert free, and the fact that they only have one sponsor to please gives them a great deal of editorial freedom.

From a marketing perspective Electronic Beats is fairly subtle in its promotion of T-Mobile. The company’s logo adorns every page and its colours are incorporated into the design. Yet given that Electronic Beats has been around for so long – fifteen years and counting – it is clearly working for the telecoms brand in engaging a young, tech savvy, music-loving audience.

Chevrolet’s Facebook Live launch

The first UK brands and media companies are now starting to experiment with Facebook Live – the recently launched live streaming platform. There have been some good examples so far of brands live streaming, including Airbnb’s innovative recent tie up with Disney.

One obvious use of the platform is for brands to stream live footage of product launches, and one of the best we have seen so far is the Chevrolet launch of its electric car at CES back in January.

It can be tricky to get live broadcasts from launches right, as Samsung and Apple, among others have discovered in the past. Things often go wrong and it can be hard to capture the excitement of the event via live video. The Chevrolet transmission though was super slick, and really well executed – a textbook example of how to do product launches on live streaming platforms.

Shopify’s TGIM podcast

One of this year’s up and coming marketing trends is brands developing their own podcasts. In the US, where apparently as much as 20% of the population listen to a podcast each month, brands like software company Slack are leading the way in using the format ostensibly as a B2B communication tool.

The latest brand to start podcasting is Shopify, a multi-channel commerce platform designed for small and medium-sized businesses. It recently debuted TGIM (Thank God it is Monday!), a podcast aimed at established entrepreneurs and wannabe startup founders. The show mirrors the podcast format of influential US mainstream podcasts, like Death, Sex and Money, in that it uses lots of different voices to illustrate its stories. It will be fascinating to see if the brand podcast trend has longevity.

Westjet Magazine

There are many great examples of content produced by travel companies in the UK, from inspirational blogs through to innovative social media campaigns.

Canadian budget airline Westjet is delivering some excellent content on the other side of the Atlantic in its online magazine. It clearly knows its audience – young, hip, budget conscious – as its website boasts a really strong series of listicle-style guides outlining what to do in the cities which it flies to. Its listings are very up to date, and the site uses some great photography.

Birchbox: The Guide

It might sound obvious, but creating a monthly video to highlight the latest products or services is a very compelling way for brands to reach an audience and keep them engaged. Birchbox does this very well especially when communicating grooming news to its male customers via its content portal The Guide.

Each month a member of the team introduces the products that are new in the store in an easy to watch, yet very engaging video. The tone is bang on – friendly and approachable though not super slick. The company’s website also boasts lots of very good grooming tips (both video and words and images) and some high quality photography.

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