February 11th, 2019

Want to find out more about the future of content? Hear some expert opinion from leading influencers in the media, marketing and beyond? Well the CMA Summit is now less than a month away – and we couldn’t be more excited. We have a stellar lineup of speakers from across the content marketing spectrum who have a huge wealth of knowledge and experience. And now they are going to share their expertise and vision at the day-long event which will be held in Curzon cinema in central London.

Do marketers have the tools and skills they need to understand data? Or are we still not really able to understand and use it properly?

Clare Jonik, Director of Content Marketing, Future Fusion
Data is central to strategy. Strategy makes content planning more accurate faster. Every agency or brand has data sources and data mining tools. If they know how to use them then they will be building great marketing plans. Which we see a lot of all of the time.

What’s interesting is how data mining is becoming more accurate and the adoption of ‘data first approach’ is the backbone of most marketing agencies and brands.

Mark Stephens, Executive Producer, Storytelling, Lloyds Banking Group
We do seem to be getting to a place whereby there is an agreement on what metrics are applicable and determine success, maturing from a conversation based on ‘bot’ aided content interactions, to what actions are our audience taking post consumption?

Justin Kirby and Lazar Dzamic, authors of the book; The Definitive Guide To Content Marketing
Data is so far a big let down. Many promises are yet to be fulfilled. One problem is internal silos in organisations, making the task of a holistic view of the customer journey difficult. The other problem is that analytics very often tells as about What (is happening), but not about Why. That’s more about immersing ourselves in the worlds and lives of customers and using the insights derived from those findings – the ‘Thick Data’ as the anthropologists would call it – in conjunction with the other data, Big and Small, as well as more traditional research.

As marketers how do we best measure the success of our content campaigns? What metrics should we be using?

Clare Jonik, Director of Content Marketing, Future Fusion
We can currently only measure using the tools available across the channels we operate. And as such there are a wealth of measurement metrics used from social warmth (likes and shares) to harder metrics like lead sourcing and traffic volume.

But success or effectiveness must be down to the individual KPIs of the campaign.

Moving forward there’s an ideal whereby the industry can measure based on best practice, results and a wider framework that allows us to put ourselves against others in the same space. Not just through awards. And not with subjectivity.

Mark Stephens, Executive Producer, Storytelling, Lloyds Banking Group
Measurement should be through a combination of head (did we achieve our aims around reach and pre-applied details of what is engagement?) and heart (did we manage to change perception or drive an action from our audience?)

Justin Kirby and Lazar Dzamic, authors of the book; The Definitive Guide To Content Marketing
We actually think this is the wrong question unless Content Marketing is seen as a separate discipline from other marketing efforts. If so, that separateness needs to be better articulated than it has been to date, but we are not strong believers in this approach. If on the other hand you see Content being simply what marketing is and does now, and possibly as placeholder approach that forms part of marketing’s evolution to whatever is next on the horizon, then there’s more than enough metrics out there already: we just need to clear about the objectives and then use the appropriate metrics.

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