Why brands are joining the CMA

October 30th, 2018

One of the misconceptions that some people have about the CMA is that we are an organisation that exists mainly for the benefit of agencies.

Yet one of the fastest growing sections in the CMA at the moment is brand membership.

In many ways, this isn’t that surprising, for a long time many companies relied solely on agencies to provide their content. The advent of social media, which some experts argue is much better suited to being run in house, has meant brands have chosen to create their own content studios. Today many companies create their own content, especially for social uses, but is it often in collaboration with agencies. The role of Chief Content Officer, which has become an industry staple across the Atlantic, is starting to gain traction in Europe too, and that person invariably manages both in house teams and agencies.

Individual brand membership available


So why are brands joining the CMA? There are numerous reasons, but an important one is that membership underlines that a brand takes content and their team development seriously, very seriously. Take one of our key brand members REED has a long history creating content both in house and with agencies and has several CMA awards to validate it. Content is not a peripheral thing for the companies, it is at the heart of all they do.

Another reason for brands to join is access to the CMA Knowledge Bank where historical data, reports and research all deliver intelligence that can’t be found elsewhere.

Finally, for some brands the CMA acts as a matchmaker through our CMA Advance programme. This service enables brands to provide an open brief to CMA members, in return the CMA team work alongside both parties to ensure a shortlist of suitable agencies are invited into the pitch process. Thereby helping clients find that perfect agency to work with.

Many brands have found their ideal agency this way and we are proud to say that we intend to expand this service in 2019.

Adam Woodbridge, UK Marketing Manager of REED used the service and said “Within weeks of discussing the brief we had received a shortlist of member agencies who were interested – agencies that we would have struggled to find and engage with ourselves within such a short time frame.  The momentum continued and within weeks we had started scoping and progressing with the brief.”

To find out more about Brand membership and Individual CMA Brand Membership contact:

Catherine Maskell, MD – catherine.maskell@the-cma.com or call +44 203 865 8972

Price for 1 years corporate membership  £1,000 + VAT
Price for 1 years individual membership £250 + VAT


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