BlueGlass Partners with The Financial Times to Launch Comprehensive Content Marketing White Paper

February 20th, 2018

BlueGlass joins forces with The Financial Times (FT) to offer tips, strategies and expert advice on the changing landscape of content marketing.

Statistics show that while content marketing budgets have increased by 300% year-on-year, engagement rates have stalled – just 5% of content attracts 95% of overall engagement. To combat this, the FT has launched a new content marketing white paper, partnering with content marketing agency BlueGlass to create the piece.


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The paper offers insights such as:


  • The biggest challenges facing content marketers in 2018 are limited time, and a struggle to prove ROI
  • Financial publishers spend 2.4x as long producing content as other industries, but the content performs 20% worse than average
  • Content republishing can significantly boost ROI


The FT worked with BlueGlass to help develop their B2B content strategy. Following a successful project, they spotted an opportunity to help a broader audience improve their content marketing, and compiled a white paper of best practices, strategic advice and statistics. Readers will learn how to leverage strategy, creation and promotion to make long-lasting improvements to their approach – the white paper cites these as the most critical aspects of a solid content strategy.

As content marketing continues to evolve rapidly, it is clear that marketers are struggling to keep up. Channels are becoming more diluted and are frequently disrupted by new technology. The white paper explores these issues, offering statistics and guidance. The research finds that one of the biggest challenges for content marketers is the perceived skill gap in content creation, suggesting that building a foundation of content processes and strategy is more important than ever. The collaboration is filled with practical advice on how to help brands achieve this, enhancing their ability to navigate emerging trends and improve ROI.

Kevin Gibbons, CEO of BlueGlass, said: “I am excited to collaborate with The Financial Times on this content marketing white paper. Content marketing doesn’t have to be complicated, but the statistics show that it remains a problem for marketers. I hope the insights in this paper can help to simplify that issue.”

For more information, or to download the paper, click here.


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