The best Chrome Extension for Content Marketers

iProspect March 19th, 2018

I love a good extension and for Content Marketers that have many different hats and tasks to manage they can be an exceptionally useful addition to a browser. Whilst I have my favourite I was eager to see what others used. So, I asked the team this morning for a list of the must have Chrome Extensions for 2018 and below I’ve highlighted the most popular with a short explanation as to why you should probably jump on-board.


Image result for grammarlyBy far my most used extension to date and one that came highly recommended by the team. Grammarly, pretty much does what it says. Indicates spelling and grammatical errors and delivers a quick hint on how to set it right. Perfect for those email that you didn’t get to proof before sending or the blog and social content you’re writing. Fingers crossed it works today…



Image result for similar webSimilar web

A firm favourite, coming up in 10/10 responses – Need a quick estimate of your website stats, a competitors site or blog? Similar Web provides a hand overview of some useful site metrics. Estimated monthly traffic, time on site, page views and bounce rates. As well as Traffic sources, referrals, Geo’s, Audience and a list of similar sites. Perfect for research and quickly enhancing distributions lists to other relevant sites.



Image result for moz barMoz Bar

Old but gold – We all know Moz, for your top-level SEO metrics. Moz isn’t a bad place to start. I’ll caveat this with the fact that these metrics should be taken with a pinch of salt — as they are only an indication of how authoritative a site might be based on Moz’s index (which is smaller than some other platforms) However it’s a good benchmark.



Image result for save to pocketSave to pocket

I’m new to Pocket. But, it’s saving me lots of time and tabs. Research is one of the most important tasks for a Content Marketer and this extension allows you to save webpages, videos and links to be viewed later. What makes this extension even better is that it’s super light and also has an app. So, you can pick your research or reading up on your morning or evening commutes.



Image result for buzzstream buzzmarkerBuzzStream Buzzmarker 

One of our favourite, this extension saves the digital promotions team hours of work. The Buzzmarker allows you to add sites into BuzzStream projects whist browsing the web. An efficient way to develop distribution lists to support with campaign promotion. We’re a big fan of the additional functionality within Buzzstream too!

Whether you’re writing, researching or distributing content, your toolkit has the ability to save you hours of work. Above are some of our favourites that make the team more efficient, we could have gone on forever, if it wasn’t for the word count limit.

What other extensions do you use? Share with us below.

Andy Edmonds, Head of Content, iProspect

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