Why B2B email marketing isn’t dead

May 4th, 2018

With new channels and ways of reaching your audiences, it’s tempting to think that email marketing is dead. But we believe that email marketing is a fantastic opportunity for you to communicate directly with your audience who has specifically opted-in to hear from you.

Below are just a few of the reasons why you should invest time and resources into a B2B email marketing strategy.

Low cost per conversion

Email marketing isn’t free. It requires time, investment in skills and an email service provider. Once you’ve established your email marketing strategy, however, the return on investment is much higher than with other channels. According to a study by McKinsey, for every dollar you put into email marketing you acquire 40 times more customers than you would through Facebook, Twitter and almost every other marketing channel.

B2B email marketing

Email audiences are more loyal and engaged

As your email audiences have opted-in to receive your communications, they’re more likely to respond and engage with you compared to other marketing channels. But you will still need to create headlines that engage audiences, and provide content which is relevant to them.

As part of your email marketing strategy you should consider how to reward your subscribers, thereby further increasing their loyalty to your brand. Ideas include: providing them with exclusive insights not available to website user; alerting them as soon as a new product is on sale; or providing them with a discounted price to a conference.


Personalisation marketing is one of the big trends this year. With 66% of consumers saying they are extremely likely or likely to switch to brands where they feel more like a person than just a number, email marketing can play a big role in encouraging them to make that switch to your brand.

New email marketing technology and more sophisticated data means that personalisation can go beyond using someone’s name in an email. You can send audiences content that is relevant to them based on their previous email marketing behaviours. For example, you can email a subscriber with a special message on the one-year anniversary since they joined your list.

It has stood the test of time

Email marketing is often overshadowed by emerging channels such as social media. As social media channels and search engines continue to update their algorithms, however, marketers are frequently turning back to email marketing to directly reach their audiences. People may delete their social media accounts but most people have grown up using email and are likely to continue to do so in the future.

It can be measured and improved

Whilst it is possible to track the impact of print, you won’t get the same specific metrics as you do with email marketing. With email marketing, not only can you measure the open- and click-through rates, but you can also see what content has or has not performed well. Most email service providers allow you to split test your newsletter to a small sample from your list so you can test which subject line or image performs best before sending to the full list.

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