Awards Case Study: Influence

July 5th, 2019

Think Publishing won Gold in Best Membership at the 2018 International Content Marketing Awards for their work with the Chartered Institute of Public Relations (CIPR) on Influence magazine. The magazine also won Silver in the Best Print category.

If a magazine ever had a tough audience to please, it would be the winner of this year’s Best Membership Award. Produced for the Chartered Institute of Public Relations, Influence is a key benefit for its 10,000 members, with an ambition to become the UK’s most authoritative public relations journal.

With content that’s genuinely fascinating whether you’re a PR professional or not, as well as exclusive interviews and a healthy dose of humour, it goes some way to achieving this, driving up membership retention levels, social media mentions and revenues. It even received a namecheck on Radio 4’s highly influential Today programme.

This high-performing magazine has extended into a compelling wider member offering,” said the judges. “The forward-thinking solution isn’t afraid to take risks, which gives it a real edge.

Superb editorial approach that taps into the wider world, going ‘beyond membership’ for real newsworthy impact – as befits the magazine representing the PR industry

Influence is the brand that leaves us all wondering ‘what will they dream up next?’” says one of the judges.


I’m absolutely delighted that Influence has done so well at the International Content Marketing Awards. This is a really prestigious event as can be seen from the quality of the other titles on the shortlist – many of which were inspirations to us three years ago when we were planning the first edition of Influence. It takes a lot of people to make Influence what it is and I’m so glad that these awards recognise the hard work they have all put in.” Rob Smith, Editor of Influence

Since it was launched by CIPR and Think Publishing in 2016, Influence has won every major membership publishing award. That success is down to a clear vision from the start, an unstinting commitment to editorial and design quality, creative headroom and a true spirit of collaboration between CIPR and Think. Influence shows what the membership sector is capable of, and we couldn’t be more proud of this latest, major accolade.Matthew Rock, Content Development Director, Think Publishing

Influence is a magazine that never stops innovating. In 2019, the team has already worked with a composer to create a signature theme tune for the title, demonstrating the power of audio branding (a first for membership publications and possibly the world). This was followed up by a near-blank cover and a blank spread in Q2 (with just an #influencetakes10 hashtag), encouraging professionals to take a 10-minute break and start a conversation about the mental health challenges in the industry. The campaign received widespread acclaim on social media (with comments such as: “Bravo CIPR, this is a terrific campaign and I’m using my 10 minutes to go for a wander”) and has worked wonders for CIPR’s external profile.

With two more editions to produce before the end of 2019, what will they think up next?

The 2019 awards are open for entry, with the deadline on Friday 6th September. There are a number of new and updated categories this year, to see more information on entries and categories click here.


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