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June 25th, 2018

Reputation and credibility are very important to us. Previously, it could be said we were a bit of a ‘churn and burn’ supplement company. Now, we’re winning gold awards for content marketing. It was a long journey, and we put the work in to get where we are now. Awards like this are credit to that.

Two years ago, Alex Williams, MD of Mediaplanet, had a pressing issue to deal with. Although the company could boast 16 offices worldwide and claim to be Europe’s largest content marketing agency, Mediaplanet was still relatively unknown in the UK.

The catalyst for change was the 2016 Content Marketing Awards.

We applied for the CMA awards in 2016, won a bronze award and saw a lift in our business,” explains Alex. “It was a great achievement. We were there to throw our weight around with the big content marketing companies. But we knew that next time we wanted to win gold.

So, in 2017, Mediaplanet joined up as members of the CMA and that year, applied for just one award, with big hopes for a prize.

We were confident our 2017 campaign entry was a lot stronger than what we put forward for 2016. It’s a title we run every year, but we were particularly proud of this year’s content, influencers and distribution, as were our clients!

The campaign promoted women in STEM. As Alex explains, “The campaign raises awareness of the gender gap in science, technology, engineering and mathematics. We really got under the skin of issues that are just not being covered around women in STEM; issues we felt that weren’t getting the coverage they deserve. Then we reached out to key partners like WISE, who felt the exact same way and were keen to support our diversity-inspired agenda”

The gender split in senior positions in STEM is skewed 80:20 towards men. This is something we wanted to tell people about and – hopefully – help to change. Our content aimed to inspire people, especially women, whether they were doing GCSEs, A Levels, apprenticeships, university degrees, or maybe looking at vocational courses. We presented them with inspirational role models: women who have gone through that journey and achieved great things; people high up in companies who are desperate for a change of voice. We talked about the importance of diversity and how recruiting people from different backgrounds would give companies fresh opinions, ideas and technologies, which actually reflect the diverse audience these companies want to identify with. And that is why we are so passionate about this campaign.

What really motivated our partners though, was whose eyes we had looking at the content. We made sure our distribution was very carefully targeted. Of the 70,000 copies we printed, some went directly to head teachers and careers advisors in schools, others were given out at careers fairs, and we even got in front of parents and teachers simultaneously by distributing at PGA meetings. You have to understand that a lot of girls don’t get into STEM because society – accidentally or not – dissuades them from it. We just wanted to say that, if your child is interested in those areas, there is a viable career path for them. We were able to show how these women were changing the world through the work they are doing, and that the girls of the future could too.

The award that Mediaplanet won was ‘Best Distribution Strategy’ and it was a recognition of our robust distribution strategy. We’re proud of that. We’re doing something really important here, and this award means we’re doing it well.

One reason the campaign was so successful was the incredible level of support they received. “We partnered with European space agency and had people from NASA talking about the campaign. We even had a female astronaut tweet us from space! That really got some traction for our message.

Nerves on the night

Even though the narrative of the campaign was strong and Mediaplanet had a very clear and measurable ROI to show the judges, they weren’t sure whether they would win the award. Alex says he had never been that nervous in his life.

The awards were more than just about that one campaign, though. The whole night gave the team a chance to feel incredibly proud, motivated and inspired for the projects they cover; it was a really special evening” says Alex. “It was as much for the staff as it was the company and what we were promoting,” he explains. “It was so important for the team to see that their hard work was worth it. I think we are bad in the marketing industry for not celebrating our staff when they do good work.”

Alex says that the award has been a pivotal part of their credentials for this year.

Once we were nominated, we started leveraging that with our clients. One of our USPs is how we reach our target audience; we are not just producing content, we are distributing it too, so that’s a huge part for us.”

We work with national newspapers and specialist publications in distribution, so, to win an award for distribution was everything. It is our USP that has been accredited.

Realistically, it has helped us in terms of letting people know about what we do and how we do it. It has helped increase the company profile in the UK.”

The awards procedure is already in full swing and Mediaplanet has high hopes that it might repeat its success this year. “We have lots of really strong campaigns for 2018. Maybe we’ll enter more than one category this time!

For more details on the awards and how to enter them, check out this page here.


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