Award Winning Agencies: Made by Sonder

June 29th, 2018

“The return on investment generated by the work is the most important thing. That’s ultimately what we focus on to validate our business for clients. I still say there is a huge part of our business which is about the crafting of content too. It is about marrying those two things. If they combine then you have a great awards entry. Ultimately if it is not good quality content, it is not going to get results anyway.

For Kirsty Spencer, MD of Made by Sonder the Content Marketing Awards in December last year was a really good night. The company knew they were in with a shout in several key categories. But as the evening progressed Kirsty knew the pressure was on. The Made by Sonder table included not just their team, but also clients who had high hopes for their content.

This year we entered four times and were nominated for all four,” explains Kirsty. “We are not a massive agency, we don’t enter things willy nilly. We only do if we think the work has a really good chance.”

When the awards were announced Made by Sonder had scooped Gold for Broccoli & Brains magazine for LighterLife in the ‘Best use of illustration’ category and Bronze in the highly competitive ‘Best Automotive’ category for their For The Ride work for Triumph Motorcycles.

Kirsty acknowledges that there were some very tense moments. “When they are announcing the winner we were sitting there thinking, ‘yes this could be us’. You get such an adrenaline rush when it happens.”

Kirsty was especially pleased as both had been a long-term projects for Made by Sonder.

We have such a close working partnership with Triumph, and are really an extension of their team, trusted to deliver the For the Ride content brand.  We’ve been developing the strategy over time to meet audience needs and shifting it from a customer retention model to also support acquisition, which is allowing us to explore more exciting strategies. Attending the awards and achieving in the Automotive category this year and last year has really helped validate what we’re doing is the right strategy”.

Made by Sonder started working on Broccoli & Brains magazine when I was leading the marketing strategy inhouse at LighterLife, before I joined the agency. So we knew what they wanted to achieve commercially by changing perceptions and reaching new audiences, and also knew that they wanted to win an award one day as they had really invested in content as a strategy for many years. When we started developing Broccoli & Brains magazine, working on the strategy and then watching it come together, I knew that this was a potential awards winner.”

It was so lovely to win that award (and the one last year) for the LighterLife client, and for everyone else. It was a collaborative process so we all won together.”

Kirsty is adamant though that creating great work for the clients was the premier reason for the excellence of both of Made by Sonder’s award winning campaigns.

We don’t go through the year thinking ‘we need to do this so we have an award winning entry.’ We are focused on what the clients objectives are and what we need to do to deliver for them. And then it comes to the point when it is the awards again we have to think about what we have been working on that is at the right stage to enter.

Picking up a pair of awards has been great for Made by Sonder’s business.

We’re sure it adds to our credibility” says Kirsty. “Existing clients have been great. They’ve congratulated us, and who wouldn’t want to work with an award winning agency?”








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