Amplitude Media Launches the Your Planet, Your Choice Campaign

February 19th, 2020

Northampton-based creative marketing agency Amplitude Media has just launched their 2020 environmental initiative, the Your Planet, Your Choice campaign. Last year’s environmental initiative saw Amplitude plant 30 trees for every project completed with their clients, resulting in a total of 2280 trees planted. This year, they’re taking things further, putting the choice of how completed projects help the environment squarely in the hands of the clients themselves.

By asking clients to choose, the Your Planet, Your Choice campaign encourages a dialogue around climate change and environmental action.

At the outset of every project, clients can choose from one of three environmental causes and the corresponding charities Amplitude Media has partnered with:

Plant trees with One Tree Planted.

Sponsor an orangutan with International Animal Rescue.

Clear up ocean plastic with The Ocean Cleanup.

Once a project has been signed off, Amplitude Media makes a donation to the selected partner charity on the client’s behalf, and at the end of the year will present them with an e-certificate to show how their projects have impacted the planet.

Amplitude Media is a full service creative marketing agency that firmly believes businesses have a responsibility to protect the environment. They aim to be not just carbon neutral, but a positive force for environmental change. They work across the creative spectrum, with speciality in film production, photography, animation and design. Amplitude develops creative content that helps clients communicate their message in exciting and interesting ways, whilst advising on the right strategic vision and delivery methods to meet their commercial objectives.

For more information on the Your Planet, Your Choice campaign, or to work with Amplitude Media, contact the studio directly on 01604 634926, or visit

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