A Day in the Life of… Nick Wright, UK Group Creative Director, Havas Media Group

February 1st, 2017


– Wake up to the sound of birds singing. I’d like to think this is because summer is here already (or you might think I’ve lost the plot) but in fact it’s just the alarm sound on my wife’s bedside clock – it also fakes the rising sun?!

In fact I haven’t just woken up as my little boy joined us in bed an hour ago and has been playing football with my cheek for the past hour.


– A quick breakfast of tea, toast and emails followed by the nursery run. We’re currently neck deep in a really exciting pitch and I’m desperately trying to get a thought I’ve had bouncing around in my head down on paper. This is proving tricky against the backdrop of wheels on the bus coming from the back of the car. It could be an interesting collaboration though…


– Journey to the office. A blend of randomly writing musings on my phone with random articles in The Metro. Sometimes they can be real inspiration for ideas, not today unless we want to create a content series about a ‘Probation officer caught moonlighting as a £100-a-night prostitute despite £50,000 salary’. Is there anyone this could work for..?


– Breakfast catch up with Daren Benton, who I run Havas X with – our group content and partnerships team. We move into our brand new Havas Village in Kings Cross this month so there’s lots of exciting new opportunities coming in for us to implement our ‘Media X Content’ proposition across the group. There’s also the, potentially more important, issue of scoping out and prioritising the pubs in the area. I love the new lease of life that’s been given to Kings Cross – from the original gateway into the capitol to a red light district and nightclubs to now the most connected area of London. Physically and culturally.


– Into back-to-back client team sessions – it’s planning season so everyone is at full speed and this year the need for the non-traditional media approach has doubled, if not trebled, so we’re manic (in a great kind of way).

Havas is really driving this agenda forward and investing in capabilities and resources to push us more and more into a ‘build media’ space.


Lunch on the go as we dive across town to pick up an exciting new brief. One of those briefs that don’t come around that often (I know that’s said A LOT but this is definitely the case for this one) so, unlike my usual self, I am not only on time but 15 mins ahead of time.

The briefing goes amazingly well and lives up to all expectations. Now to deliver against it!


We get straight into it. The beauty of being a nimble group is the ability to get the right people in a room quickly. I always see these ‘kick offs’ as a bit like Pimp My Ride. We have all the specialists around the table, we kick about a few ideas on how we should approach it and then everyone suggest ways they can build it together.

This is by far is the most exciting part of my job.


Early post-work drinks with Mark from Vice. Havas have a great relationship with them and Mark has always been a big advocate of what we do – he’s also a little bit nuts, which makes for great entertainment and good chat.

Once we’ve put the world to rights and come up with at least 3 or 4 ‘game changing ideas’ (or so we think), it’s home time. Hopefully back in time to say goodnight to my little boy.


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