A Day in the Life of… Jane Hunt, Co-Founder & Marketing Director at JBH – The Content Agency

September 4th, 2017

co-founded JBH in 2013. As Marketing Director, she has a keen eye for identifying and responding to the unique challenges faced by brands with her constructive, honest approach.

Having spent her professional life working as a marketing consultant both client and agency side, her key area of expertise lies in brand strategy and campaign planning. She also leads and guides the content team in delivering high-quality content and digital PR campaigns.

My day starts with multiple alarms going off at 6.30am (I’m not a morning person at all – hence a few alarms to get me up). After a cup of tea, a chunk of chocolate and a banana I head out for a short run – nothing crazy, just enough to get my mind and body ready for the day. I find a morning run helps me visualise the day ahead and focus on the positives.

At 8.45 I stop off at Sainsbury’s to pick up some bits and pieces for the event we have planned in the office for Afternoon Tea Week. We’re currently working on a digital PR campaign for a client – one of the top sellers of Afternoon Tea experiences in the country. Afternoon Tea Week seemed like the perfect opportunity to launch a national petition via Change.org calling for Unicode to add a teacup to the emoji keyboard! When you read the comments from people who have signed the petition you realise that people are really passionate about a tea emoji – I’m really enjoying reading them!

Just after 9am I trawl through emails (with more tea – there’s a theme!) and jot down meetings, calls and a rough plan on my day planner.

At 9.30am we have a team huddle to discuss the day ahead – where we are with our current projects and new opportunities that have come up.

At 10am I sit down with the digital PR specialist to discuss the Afternoon Tea campaign. As part of the campaign we’re working with a set of lifestyle influencers who represent the client’s target demographic – we’ve asked them to write an afternoon tea-themed blog post and share the petition with their audiences via social. We review which influencers have already taken part and get excited by the lengths many of them have gone to before doing the routine stuff, checking they’ve included the relevant information and links to the client’s website.

Instagram post from Seen In The City part of the afternoon tea campaign


Later on in the morning I get on Skype with a prospective client in Malta to find out more about their digital PR requirements. We run through our packages to see which would be the best fit. This proves challenging as the signal is bad, so we abandon Skype and jump on the phone! What I notice and really appreciate when talking to clients or prospects overseas is that conversations are often more direct. I soon understand what it is they need – as an agency they manage hundreds of websites and need to help them all grow organically in search and we begin to flesh out a content and digital PR package to meet their needs.

At 11.45 I sit down with digital director Andy to review the pages for the new agency website (something which always takes a back seat) and I start to get excited about finally having a new website – one that truly shows our capabilities, given some of the awesome brands we get to work with. The objective of the new website is to have much more impact – we invest time and resources into creating content to generate organic leads and now we need to ensure that every visitor is immersed in the quality of content we create the moment they land on the homepage.

Reviewing the new homepage design with Andy, the digital director


Lunchtime rolls around far too quickly and it’s time to immerse ourselves in afternoon tea week quite literally – its only right that we get involved in our clients’ campaigns! The content team head to the boardroom to set up our version of afternoon tea – complete with flowery tablecloth, coordinating cake stand, napkins, triangular sandwiches, scones, clotted cream, jam, French Fancies and strawberries! Once we’re satisfied with our pretty tablescape, we snap a few pics for Instagram and invite the rest of the agency in to partake – we even find an afternoon tea playlist!

Celebrating Afternoon Tea Week in the office


At 2.45pm (suitably stuffed from a delightful lunch), I check my emails to see if anything needs my immediate attention. Happy that everything is fine, I sit down with two members of the team that had account management training last week to discuss what they learned, what they can implement immediately and what I can do to better equip them to make sure our clients are satisfied – not only with the content and campaigns we create, but with the way we manage our client relationships.

My afternoon ends with a strategy session with the content specialist about the campaign we’re entering for multiple awards. We talk at length about the strengths of the short-form video content we created with a set of influencers for a nonprofit client campaign and break down why we think the collaboration was so successful. It’s a nice way to end a busy day, thinking about what could be!

Jane Hunt, Co-Founder & Marketing Director at JBH – The Content Agency

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