A Day in the Life of Andy Edmonds, Head of Engagement at iProspect

iProspect April 1st, 2017


I was woken up from an amazing night’s sleep with aching legs after a personal training session last night. My morning routine is fairly consistent: alarm at 6:00, 10 minutes of mindfulness with one of my must-have apps Headspace, then downstairs for breakfast. My focus for 2017 is challenging myself. Fitness and health are a huge part of this, therefore breakfast has quickly become the most important meal of my day. Today it was scrambled eggs, tomato and avocado. During breakfast, I ask Alexa ‘What’s in my calendar’. The answer comes – apparently ‘Catch-Up’ is a common invitation title, although it doesn’t give an awful lot away.


Now to kick off the working day. I’m currently living in leafy Richmond, which is a joy at the weekends. It’s a short 10-minute walk to the station and then the Overground into Waterloo. I usually split my commute into two, using the first half to plan my day and clear my inbox and the second half to do some reading. I’m currently slowly working my way through Black Box Thinking by Matthew Syed – a great read if you haven’t had a chance to pick it up yet!


I arrive at the office, set up my desk and finish sorting any emails before the rest of the team arrives. At 8:15am our Head of Owned Media usually arrives with coffee – my second of the day. Caffeine will help me prepare for a busy day of meetings!


Today my first meeting is with the team over at John Brown Media. I catch up with Matt Potter, Chief Content Officer, to cover off our current content opportunities and some exciting Intelligent Content projects that are underway.


Quick team meeting – we call it the 10@10. There are maximum points for creativity here. This is a chance for our content, digital PR, events and promotions teams to come together and quickly discuss the core objectives and priority for today.



We’re working on a piece with our blogger community, Talented Talkers, for the iProspect PR team. To ensure that we’re all on track I have a quick status update with Erica who is running the campaign for us. So far so good. The team is doing a great job of drumming up participants from our Owned Media channels.


I’m in a MAGIC session – a simple but effective process that the Story Lab team have created to ideate. At the moment, I’m working with the network on a great piece of new business, so The Story Lab is leading this session with iProspect, John Brown Media and Isobar to come up with a handful of creative concepts. We kick off with an orchestra of animal noises as an energiser and then head straight into the creative. When I left the house this morning, no part of me even considered that I’d be harmonising bahs, hisses and moos!


We wrap up the MAGIC session and I’m straight into a call with Ingrid, Head of Owned Media at our iProspect office in Norway. Her team was keen to see some of our work so in the spirit of collaboration we chatted through case studies and our preferred methods of working.


Back at my desk to catch up on this morning’s emails.


A quick meeting with one of our Creative Directors to ensure that we are all aligned and ready for an upcoming client ideation session at 15:00.  Our energiser is prepped and ready – today’s subject: Orlando and Las Vegas!


The team gathers as we kick off with a new energiser – apparently I spend my days being energised! Today we’re covering two destinations, one of which I’m particularly passionate about: Orlando. Having spent almost two years of my life in the Sunshine State working for the mouse at Disneyworld, I’m keen to share my behind-the-scenes knowledge of the state and local hotspots. Did you know… the number of visitors in Orlando each day is equivalent to the population of Atlanta – with half the interstate. Orlando’s population is 2.3 million. Forty-five minutes later and we have a ton of ideas which the team will research and write up for the client.


It’s time for an update with Stuart, who looks after our Promotions team and its cross-function operations. We skip the meeting room and head out for a coffee and stroll around Regent’s Park. It’s a great way to clear our heads and talk resource, finances, products, and the previous week. We end the meeting by chatting about things we expect to become a priority in the week ahead.


I jump on the Northern Line. On Thursday I try to leave the office around this time so that I can get home to change and get to Barnes for my weekly dose of Tag Rugby. Bonus – there are seats on the train! A benefit of leaving just before rush hour.


I’ve managed to make it to my favourite part of a Thursday: kick-off!  My team, Tagnificant are the reigning Tag Rugby champions this winter season and today we’re playing against newcomers Fancy a Quick Tag. So far this season we’re undefeated! The lads and lasses in our mixed team are keen to keep it that way. After the first 40 minutes of fast-paced tag we’re called on for a second game. I’m not one to turn down exercise so I spend the next 40 minutes in a friendly against established team Try Try Try Delilah. Two great games later I check my iWatch to discover I’ve completed 4.8 miles of running! Time to pack up, get back into the car and head home.


Finally home, I prepare dinner and then fall into bed! Ready to start it all again tomorrow…


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