2015 Already off to a great start with The CMA signing up 2 new members

January 27th, 2015

The Content Marketing Association (CMA), the industry body for the content marketing industry, starts the new year already by welcoming two new members.

This follows the move to broaden its membership policy – opening up to media agencies in late 2013, media owners in June 2014 and brands in September 2014. Its an exciting time for The CMA moving from the original tagline of “Editorial engagement for brands” to the all new “Content Specialists”. The welcoming of the new members shows the diversity amongst the membership, and that The CMA is truly the home for content.

“We are welcoming new members to The CMA at almost the same fast pace as the industry is growing. As video continues to grow as a lead component of any brand strategy the CMA is delighted to represent the interests of ITN Productions and Swhype who both bring excellent credibility and content. We look forward to working with them & learning from them.” Clare Hill, Managing Director, CMA.

New Members

ITN Productions, is the creative production hub of ITN offering branded content and distribution services for some of the world’s leading businesses, brands and agencies. In 2014 campaigns ITN Productions worked on were awarded 2 Gold Cannes Lions, 5 Gold Media Week Awards and Campaign Magazine’s Campaign of the Year. With 60 years’ experience of telling great stories, our clients trust us to deliver commercially valuable films connecting them with their audiences on any platform.

Position – New full member

Key Clients – Barclays, Virgin Media, TfL, Avios, Lego, Ikea, Sainsbury’s, Aviva, British Council, Heineken, Cadburys, Suzuki.

Simon Baker, Head of Branded Content ITN Productions had this to say, “Partnering with the CMA, we are excited about introducing brands and marketers to a new way of thinking. Our approach blends credible storytelling with bold creative, helping us to continue to grow as a leading producer of video rich campaigns and branded content.”

Swhype is The Creative Motion Agency – working with forward-thinking brands and agencies, businesses and charities to create award-winning video content, film and design for a distracted, motion-hungry world. From independent publishers like The New British to innovative clients such as Toyota, John Lewis, and the BBC, Swhype’s ability to connect audiences with emotive brand content is key to their ‘Swhype˚ology’ (the science of creative chemistry). Swhype have their roots in the independent film community – supporting emerging directors and animators through the ‘four-wheel film festival’, Cannes in a Van (now in its 8th year) as well as the ever-growing Music vs Film ‘mash-up’, Screen Social. Swhype likes to move… pictures and people.

Position – New full member

Key Clients – PokerStars, Christie’s, John Lewis, HTC, Esquire, Lloyds of London, Toyota, BBC Worldwide

Andy Greenhouse, Director, Swhype Commented “We joined the CMA because a lot of what Swhype does sits within the ‘content marketing’ world. We don’t fit in a perfectly formed box labeled ‘marketing’ but that doesn’t matter. Industries are evolving in all kinds of directions and that’s exciting to a small and ambitious company like ours. Marketing is everything, content is everywhere – it’s just about connecting people with the right message in the right way, for those people. We think we’re pretty good at that. The CMA is evolving too and we’re pleased to be a part of it.”

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