Full CMA Membership Benefits

The benefits of being a member of the CMA gives content marketing agencies a huge advantage when it comes to developing their businesses. Not only are we there to actively promote the medium to UK and international clients, we know the industry inside out and can advise on anything from the latest research to complex contracts.

Full members have access to all CMA resources and the opportunity to have a say in all CMA initiatives, decisions and activities, including CMA Advance – our service to new clients which provides the opportunity to take part in new business pitches.


  • A voice within the content marketing industry
  • Access to exclusive research
  • Use of the CMA’s free helplines
  • Discounted rates to CMA events
  • Discounted rates for CMA training courses
  • The opportunity to take part in CMA Advance new business pitches

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To find out more about agency membership to the CMA contact:

Catherine Maskell, MD – Catherine.maskell@the-cma.com

The CMA is an annual membership which operates on an automatic renewal unless written notice is provided three months in advance of the membership expiry date.