CMA Advance

CMA Advance is a great free service that helps new clients select an agency best suited to their brief. The CMA facilitates an impartial briefing process that enables CMA members to supply an outline of their credentials for the brief, providing clients with a shortlist of suitable agencies that they can invite to pitch for the work, thereby helping clients find that perfect agency to work with.

The simple stages of the briefing service:

  1. Client to fill in the ‘client brief form’ and email to
  2. The client brief form will be sent to all CMA member agencies, detailing a full outline of the brief, including sector, budgets, channels, timings as set by the client.
  3. All interested agencies who meet the criteria are invited to complete a one page response document  and submit it back to the CMA by a set deadline.
  4. The CMA will forward all responses to the client.
  5. Client to contact agencies directly should they wish to progress the brief with them.
  6. CMA Advance is a free service for Brands

To date we have serviced over 15 CMA Advance briefs, introducing brands to members with a net worth of over three million pounds.

The CMA promise

  • The CMA will not be involved in any advice beyond the initial brief stage, acting purely in a facilitation role only.
  • The CMA helps clients up until the point where the client chooses an agency list for a pitch.
  • All briefs will be treated as highly confidential. The client name or brand will not be given to CMA member agency in the brief.

Download client brief document here >

If you would like to discuss CMA Advance in more detail please contact:

Catherine Maskell, MD, CMA
or call on +44 7939 581 144