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While the past decade has undoubtedly been successful for content marketing, the next will be hugely significant, giving rise to a seismic revolution in the marketing sector. The rise of mobile, increased digital capability and an avalanche of data are all converging to give marketers and agencies the power to create campaigns with fantastic levels of effectiveness. If you think content marketing is sophisticated now, just wait for the next wave of innovation and insight

Why Should You Join The CMA?

  • Accreditation
  • Industry Profile
  • Thought Leadership
  • Exclusive Research
  • Networking Events
  • Cost Benefits
  • Intermediary Service
  • To be part of the Content Conversation


CMA Mission Statement

Promoting the excellence of the content marketing industry and the value of member agencies and organisations specialising in developing effective content for brands.

Definition of Content Marketing

Content marketing is the discipline of creating quality branded content across all media channels and platforms to deliver engaging relationships, consumer value and measurable success for brands.

CMA Members Lunch

CMA Member Testimonials

Being a member of the CMA has been an incredibly positive experience in many different ways. Not only have the CMA helped successfully introduce our services in a way to add value to other members, but they have been able to help us shape the future direction of an industry which is in rapid growth and evolution and give us a platform to showcase our clients work publicly. They are a great team to work with and listen to their members to create a positive force for change within the content marketing space. They are also just a good fun team to spend time with.
Matt Adams,
Managing Director,
iProspect UK

Year-on-year, the CMA has played a growing role as a partner of MEC’s in helping tackle common challenges faced by the industry and credibly raise the profile of its members. The Industry Reports that the CMA have produced in collaboration with MEC and others have been well received by our clients, and we continue to look-forward to the partnership maturing in 2016 and beyond!
Ben McKay
Managing Director

One of the reasons Seven has the reputation it does has been our membership of the CMA. It’s not just through the awards we’ve won, but also the profile the CMA gives content marketing and its members. The relationship I’ve had with the CMA over the years has had a huge influence on Seven and me personally by giving me access to people and building our profile.
Sean King

The concept of content marketing has exploded in recent years, and the CMA remains at the heart of it in terms thought leadership, market knowledge and networking opportunities. Membership is quite a big investment for us – particularly when you factor in travel from our HQ in Scotland – but if we weren’t members, we would be missing out on being part of an important conversation Fraser Allen
White Light Media

Access to the CMA Advance service is one of the primary reasons we are a member of the CMA. Within a month of our membership starting we were in front of a prospective client, which happily we continue to work with to this day. Since then we have been given the opportunity to pitch for several other opportunities and now consider the CMA a key source of networking and lead generation for us.
Julius Duncan
Remarkable Content

The industry wouldn’t be where it is today without the CMA Andrew Hirsch
John Brown Media

Joining the CMA has been one of the most effective ways to both give a platform for our brand, and for effective peer-to-peer networking. We recently were invited to a major strategy day with a client which was solely facilitated by the CMA.
Simon Baker
Head of Branded Content
ITN Productions

I’ve hugely enjoyed my time as a member of the CMA. It’s provided me with great opportunities to learn the latest thinking and practice from others at the cutting edge of the content industry, and its stature in the media has helped us raise the profile of Red Bee and highlight our work. But most importantly, on a personal level, it’s been really good fun. The CMA are a lovely bunch of people who provide excellent opportunities for networking. I’d highly recommend a membership
Michael Reeves
Business Development Director
Red Bee

We were pleased to win a piece of business through the CMA pitch process, which has go on to grow significantly in 2015, and hope to see more business in 2016 as a result of new CMA introductions. We’ve also found the opportunities to promote the agency through the CMA site a benefit.
Linda Louis
Head of strategic planning and marketing
Progressive Content

We’ve been increasingly impressed with the CMA, and as a specialist content marketing agency we’re proud to become a part of such an important industry authority.

Content marketing is hugely important to us and our clients – it’s always evolving and improving, so we’re looking forward to sharing best practices and success stories with like-minded marketers, so that we can all learn and continue to grow together..
Kevin Gibbons

Joining the CMA is incredibly exciting for us and has been on the agenda for some time. Anyone working in the industry will be aware just how diverse the definition, requirements and outputs of ‘content marketing’ can be, and search performance features in that mix more and more frequently.

The CMA counts some of the leading agencies in every aspect of content marketing among its members and we think Branded3 brings something new to the table.
Stephen Knewright
Head of Search

We appreciate CMA’s thought leadership which assists with developing content strategy across our clients platforms.
Sally Wright
Executive General Manager
Medium Rare

After launching our content publishing and marketing agency in late 2014, we have had a very successful first year growing our client base. Part of this growth can be attributed to the CMA. We were delighted to have been shortlisted from the CMA website by Trefoil Guild members magazine to pitch for their relaunch. On securing the contract to produce a quarterly magazine for their 22,000 members, other opportunities have come from the client and we are now working on a number of exciting initiatives which will come to fruition in 2015.
Richard Woolliams
Business Development Director

We have had the opportunity since September to witness the considerable work that you perform at the CMA, among other things for the internationalisation of the association which is rare for this kind of organisms. Today we have discovered that we won, for our client CNES, the Bronze award for the CMA Awards. For an agency like Citizen-Press, that has been in London for 3 month it is a huge boost and we really appreciate it.
Françoise Montabric
President Executive Director
Citizen Press

One of the perks of CMA membership has to be the discounted training such as digital breakfasts and the special offers for key industry events such as the Festival of Marketing. Accessing these deals means being able to offer more team members the chance to attend these valuable events; allow us to share best practice learnt internally; and benefit more widely from networking opportunities.
Catherine Reid
Marketing Manager
Remarkable Content

27 CMA Member Agencies responded to the survey April/May 2016. The results were fantastic, please see highlights below.

  • 85% see The CMA as a centre for content marketing excellence
  • 67% have established relationships that help with their business by attending our complimentary membership lunches with 7% now working with new agency partners as a direct result.
  • 77% find our weekly/monthly communications as interesting or very interesting
  • 33% have established new business opportunities by attending our digital breakfasts
  • 48% think that the profile they have received from the CMA is important or extremely important
  • 85% are planning to enter the awards this year
  • 41% have secured new business prospects through the CMA
  • 33% have reached pitch stage as a direct result of the CMA Advance service
  • 19% winning a new brief as a direct result
  • 75% would recommend or highly recommend becoming a member of the CMA

CMA Membership Survey – Testimonial Quotes

What CMA Benefits are you particularly happy with?

“I just love the passion with which the CMA approach everything…..its infections”

“It’s great to see our thought leadership and original content shared by the CMA, and the proactive manner in which you guys work”

“Introductions to member agencies that cover ground we can’t are useful but the setting and membership helps to find trusted long term partners”

“Opportunity to get on pitch lists. Enthusiasm and collaborative nature of the CMA team”

“We value the new business leads we gain through the CMA and the profile it gives us”

“Clare Hill provides strong and determined leadership which ensures focus on the most appropriate areas and she has done a brilliant job raising the profile of the industry and widening the membership”

“The concept of content marketing has exploded in recent years, and the CMA remains at the heart of it in terms of thought leadership, market knowledge and networking opportunities. Membership is quite a big investment for us – particularly when you factor in travel from our HQ in Scotland – but if we weren’t members, we would be missing out on being part of an important conversation.

“The CMA provides ITN Production with a platform to show our innovation, a working network to partner, and a voice within the industry to lead the conversation around branded video content”.

“Over the years, the CMA has provided networking opportunities which have led to exciting business relationships which we continue to engage in to this day”.

Who should be a Member?

Anyone with the common commitment of working towards and for the content marketing industry should be a member of the CMA. Our membership is divided into four categories.

Media and PR

CMAMediaWe also generate some amazing Media & PR coverage to help raise The CMA and our members profiles.

The CMA offers members the opportunity to keep ahead of the curve and be informed about the latest industry thinking, trends and research in content marketing. You will also be able to learn from your peers at all of the fantastic networking events.

You can view all the coverage from the last year here.