Role: Community Editor
Company: TCO London
Location: London
Job description:

The community editor will work with colleagues across the Huck, Little White Lies and Agency editorial desks to expand the reach of our journalism. Your primary goal is to amplify our content, servicing our existing audiences and finding and developing new ones.

To be a successful candidate, you must be an innovative, unstoppable journalist who lives and breathes social. You must be on top of all the latest news across film, entertainment and youth culture. You must know how to communicate clearly to share great stories far and wide, not only distributing content but also engaging authentically with a high-worth, trendsetting audience.

You must also be on top of industry developments in social media and digital publishing, and be excited to translate our cutting-edge digital, video and print journalism into exciting, highly clickable and shareable social copy.

This role is multifaceted and comprises elements of digital strategy, distribution, marketing, PR,social media management and customer services.

Working closely alongside editors, staff writers, media planners, campaign managers and the publisher, you will:

  • Develop a clear content strategy for growing Huck and Little White Lies communities in order to maximise the brands’ influence and reach.
  • Develop, test and share effective boosting strategies for the best performing content always with a view to engage and grow our audience.
  • Distribute our journalism 24/7 to both existing and new audiences.
  • Edit headlines and copy to maximise click-through rates and increase engagement.
  • Edit photography and illustration to run alongside content, ensuring they work to maximise engagement and sharing.
  • Stay on top of trending topics, working with editors to “hijack the news”.
  • Engage in two-way conversation with readers and viewers across social channels.
  • Create and manage traffic reports and use these insights to inform editorial.
  • Create social activation plans for tent-pole stories and campaigns.
  • Oversee publishing on YouTube, optimising content by editing and testing headlines, choosing thumbnails and scheduling.
  • Ensure that every time we break stories, they get picked up by mainstream outlets.
  • Apply best practice, and continue to evolve as new social media trends emerge.
  • Develop relationships with partners who can activate content via their own audiences on a regular basis (content aggregators, editors, like-minded media, communities).
  • Carry out seeding, outreach and PR, pushing stories to relevant communities and media managers (editors, curators, influencers, aggregators).
  • Manage all feedback made via social media, activating further help from relevant departments when needed.

Grade: Minimum two years experience
Hours: Mon–Fri, 9:30am–5:30pm
Term: Full-Time
Start date: Immediate
Location: Old Street, London, EC2A

Salary: Based on experience
Reporting to: Publisher
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