Marketing Week Live

MWL is the perfect live environment for you to build client relationships and sell your solutions directly to your target market, MWL is your biggest opportunity to generate quality leads, increase your brand awareness and position yourself as an industry leader, all in just two high energy, action packed days; resulting in high quality conversations and increased ROI for your investment.


Key trends in image based content, editorial content and video content.

Giving examples of best practice innovation and effective content marketing strategies.

Topics discussed;

  • What factors do brands need to consider when developing editorial content that cuts through the noise and creates impact?
  • How and why is visual content becoming so important for brands seeking to engage their audiences?
  • What kinds of innovation are we seeing in the content marketing space?
  • Is there an optimal format for video content?
  • Which brands do you think are doing visual and video content well?
  • How do brands measure the effectiveness of their content marketing across different channels and formats? What are the key metrics that brands should look at?