About Touchpaper

Touchpaper ignites your potential through creative, strategic campaigns that boost business fortunes quickly and for the long term.

We deal in effective, memorable and consistent communication that cuts through the mire of me-too messaging. That means understanding and empathising with your audiences, having something bold and new to say that resonates with them and then getting that across with maximum impact.

We start with storytelling because what is business if not a series of tall tales, full of heroes (you) rescuing damsels in distress (the customer) from evil dragons (whatever’s standing in their way). We build a compelling narrative that inspires action, using techniques learned from our experience as speechwriters, corporate communicators and Hollywood screenwriters.

We apply a proven creative, strategic framework to underpins all the activity that follows. We ask how marketing can best support your objectives, by building the brand and raising awareness, helping employees through a period of disruptive change or boosting short term sales. This ensures you’re not wasting your money now or in the future.

Next comes the fun part: conjuring up a creative ‘hook’​ that threads through the different marketing, business development and communication activities. We gaze out of windows, storm brains and leave no beard unstroked until we have just the thing to inspire joy in customers and despair in competitors. We work with the brightest, boldest content creators to give you a voice you’ll want to sing with.

Finally, our team uses a variety of tools to get the message across loud and clear. Social shares, PR, advertising, email marketing, PPC, SEO, events. You name it, we’re all over it.

If you’re a business that’s stuck in a rut, give us a call. Our jaw-dropping creativity and bold strategic thinking is ready and waiting to roar up alongside to give you a lift. Let us light the touchpaper to your potential.

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