Think Kong

About Think Kong

Think Kong is a social media & content marketing agency specializing in meeting the clients’ business goals with the use of social channels. We’re also great at content marketing . We create and run blogs , content websites and we can ensure that the content created for our clients translates into sales. Precise selection of tools and specialization allow us to design and implement activities measured with hard marketing indicators. As a social media & content marketing agency, we focus on the development of competences in this area by carrying out the tasks entrusted to us at the highest level.

We are part of the On Board Group, which also includes the On Board PR ECCO Network. Together, we carry out campaigns that go beyond on-line. About 70 percent our projects are activities integrating various elements of communication. We also co- create BOX Europe Network , the world’s first social media agency network. Thanks to this, we are able to efficiently carry out activities outside of Poland. We also support the development of unique tools prepared by foreign teams such as BrandBOX .

Awarded many times at international competitions (including IAC, Magellan, European Excellence), we support companies from the B2B and B2C segments. Our campaigns include social media and content marketing activitiesfor many brands, including Coca-Cola, Adobe, Siemens, TVP, Neinver, RWE, Panasonic, Sony, nc +.