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‘Transforming business communications through intelligent content and innovative technology’

Progressive Content is a full-service content marketing agency and content technology provider, specialising in B2B. We help clients transform their communications and build stronger relationships with customers and members through intelligent content that makes complex ideas engaging and practically addresses audience challenges. As well as award winning in-house creative expertise we draw on a network of over 1000 B2B content experts through our bespoke Content Cloud® platform.

Since 2010 we’ve been helping our clients turn even the most complicated technical ideas into accessible and engaging content that audiences truly need. We’ve helped one of the world’s largest professional services organisations do more for its members. We’ve empowered frontline staff at one of the UK’s biggest banks to build stronger relationships with over a million small and medium enterprises. And we’ve helped change perceptions of food service consultancy.

The insight rich content we create is supported by our membership of a wider business media and intelligence group that includes brands such as GlobalData and the New Statesman. Through this network our clients benefit from intelligence and analysis across 130 different sectors and a network of over 200 websites, 70 magazines, 30 apps and 80 conferences. Not only does this enable us to create content that has a real impact, but also that we can help amplify reach to targeted and relevant B2B audiences through the channels they already use.

Our intelligent content solutions are powered by our cutting edge custom technology platforms Content Cloud® and Knowledge Bank. The first enables us to deliver high-quality original content at a scale and speed that would otherwise be impossible, giving virtual newsroom capabilities to our clients. The second ensures that it gets into the hands of the right people at the right time. Together, they enable scalable creative campaigns that deliver tailored content where it is needed most.

Whether our clients are looking for large-scale strategic content marketing solutions or targeted, time-sensitive campaigns, we can adapt to meet the demand. Our hybrid technology and agency approach means we can deliver intelligent content quickly at any scale. It means we can build custom content technology platforms that provide easy and effective planning, creation, workflow and management tools. It then also ensures that this specialist content has visibility to those in a business who need it most, and at the time it is most valuable, as well as enabling them to then distribute and analyse it in ways that delivers genuine competitive advantage to the business, and builds value for their clients.

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