About VERB

VERB’s Social and Content Marketing team is home to 30 talented copywriters, analysts, SEO strategists, paid social strategists, and social media marketers. And we’re supported by User Experience, Creative Design and Development teams. All in we’ve got about 102 employees who live, create, write, and code Travel and Hospitality all day, every day.

VERB has been vertically focused on providing conversion-centric solutions to the travel and hospitality industry since 2004. VERB is guided by three core principles:

  • The Relationship: The relationship with our clients outweighs everything. This philosophy is reflected in the long-term relationships that VERB has with each of our clients – some relationships of which extend longer than VERB itself. VERB does not work on ‘projects’. VERB works on relationships and ‘doing the impossible’ to go above and beyond to satisfy our clients…and their clients.
  • The Work: It’s critical to the VERB team that the clients we work with, as well as the actual work itself, are the right fit for our culture, so that each party will enjoy working together.
  • The Results: If an initiative is not going to drive results for our client, we will voice our concerns and make recommendations to improve the idea. VERB is a results-oriented agency. Self-serving agency recommendations is not what our brand is built on.
1656 Barrington Street,
5th Floor Halifax,
Nova Scotia,
B3J 0C2, Canada



Year established

Number of staff

Senior Directors
Andy MacLellan, President
Ed Dorey, Co-owner
Jeff Baur, Head of Operations
Sr. Content Director, Stephanie McGrath
Account Director, Michelle Cudmore
Director of Development, Mitchell Matheson
Creative Director, Troy Woodland

New business director
Andy MacLellan

1 Hotels
Azamara Club Cruises
Experience Kissimmee
Hilton Head Island
Margaritaville Caribbean
Nassau Paradise Island
Pebble Beach Resorts
Principal Hotel Company
Sea Island
Universal Studios