WWF Loyalty Communications

by Immediate Media Branded Content Client: WWF
The brief

WWF is one of the UK’s most recognised and trusted charities, with a broad, diverse base of regular donors. We partner with WWF to create their magazines for members, supporters and children, building a sense of common cause between donors and encouraging additional support.

The solution

We took on the commissioning, design and publishing of WWF’s existing magazines: Action (for members), Impact (for supporters) and Go Wild (for kids). We applied fresh editorial thinking to what were often complex conservation stories, and introduced a 360-degree commissioning process to ensure that different content approaches are considered for each audience at the point of writing.

Working with specialist wildlife writers, we were able to bring WWF stories dramatically to life through better writing, high-impact photography, infographics and real-life insights from rangers, staff and supporters.

We also recruited a reader panel to provide regular feedback on the magazines, and to contribute their experiences into future issues – putting members at the heart of the content programme and giving us a real understanding of what readers want.

The results
  • Net promoter score for WWF from readers is an impressive 61
  • 89% of readers say the magazine makes them feel valued and informed about WWF-UK’s projects
  • 75% of readers remain members for over five years
  • 97% defined the content of the magazine as interesting or very interesting
  • 68% share content with friends, family or work colleagues