WIKA Instruments, LP

by Client: WIKA Instruments

WIKA Instruments, LP is a manufacturer of pressure gauges. EnVeritas Group was brought in to assist with developing more dynamic content for the website, blog and social media that would increase traffic, attract new clients, and promote the WIKA brand.

The Brief

WIKA Instruments, LP, with U.S. headquarters in Lawrenceville, Georgia, is a worldwide leader in global pressure and temperature instrumentation. The company was Founded in Frankfurt-Griesheim in 1946.
WIKA had relied on producing spec sheets and product brochures and wanted to create a more dynamic content marketing strategy. EnVeritas Group was brought in to assist with this effort.
A content strategy was developed around discussing insights about trends and resulting industry needs. The strategy coincided with the launch of a professional services group, by WIKA, that provides instrument audits and safety training.
EVG developed a strategy that was aimed at ensuring page-one positions in search engine results for valuable keywords, with the goal of putting WIKA in front of more decision makers.

The Challenge
  • Reach more decision makers with optimized content
  • Increase RFQs through the website
  • Increase customer service and reach via social media
  • Produce new, dynamic content that presented WIKA as the industry leader
Creative Approach

The EnVeritas Group team began the process by performing site and industry-wide gap analyses to determine the best communications channels that would drive results. The EVG team worked closely with WIKA’s marketing team as they conducted research about the industry.

EVG then created a content calendar that included: customer-focused articles for the website; the creation of a blog focusing on trends aligned to WIKA’s campaigns; and writing new or rewriting existing landing pages for SEO support and readability.

Additionally, the EVG team monitored news and conversations while revitalizing WIKA’s social media presence. The aim was to provide WIKA’s overall audience, including their distributor partners, with links to value-adding content being created by WIKA or reported by industry news sources. The social media channels were also used to provide high-quality links back to the WIKA website.

The Results
  • Keyword conversion 2011 to 2012 up 1962%
  • Total website visitors 2011 to 2012 up 32%
  • Conversion rate for RFQs (requests for quote) 2011 to 2012 up 46%
  • Total visitors 2012 to 2013 up 48%
  • Social media audience engagement 2012 to 2013 up 230%
  • New blog earned 800 visitors in the first two months after publishing start