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by SevenC3 Client: Weight Watchers


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 The challenge: Refresh and reboot an existing monthly magazine, driving engagement and commercial revenues for Weight Watchers

 Take an existing monthly paid-for magazine and transform it to drive efficacy as a marketing tool and profitability as an advertising vehicle.

 The solution:

Through empowering and motivating readers and creating a multi-platform sales strategy to grow circulation and advertising revenue, Weight Watchers magazine – like its readers – has undergone a significant transformation.

  • Weight Watchers magazine was given a complete creative overhaul, transforming it with a more contemporary look and feel.
  • Relevant content is now created under three new content pillars – eat, move and smile – shifting the focus of the mag from that of simple weight loss to adopting a healthier lifestyle. The magazine benefits from working with Seven’s leading editorial and creative experts, and tapping into our network of well-known bloggers and social influencers.
  • A rigorous marketing strategy for newsstand was introduced, increasing the frequency of purchase and introducing best practice for subscriptions and pricing. Marketing offers were increased, and through a new publishing strategy behind publication frequency, bonus material and push notifications, downloads of the digital editions have increased significantly.
  • A brand new commercial strategy was developed and implemented, driving both revenue and quality of advertising creative. The commercial team tied up investment from a raft of high quality new brands investing in a suite of brand new bespoke opportunities.

 The results:

  • 40% advertising yield increase year on year
  • 80% of advertising volume this year is brand new business
  • Subscription sales up 51% year on year

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