by SevenC3 Client: Vitality


Digital / Video / Print / Social / Strategy

The challenge: Build understanding and consideration for Vitality

People don’t consider private medical insurance outside of significant life changes – marriage, mortgage, kids… They have little understanding of the product and struggle to see any real difference between brands.

 The solution:

  • Focus on what makes Vitality different to inspire people to live healthier lives. Vitality isdifferent. Its ‘shared value’ proposition means that the healthier your lifestyle, the lower your premium and the more rewards you get. So we developed content in digital and social media as part of the ‘Everyday Athlete’ campaign to show people just how easy it is to make small changes that bring big health rewards.
  • The creative strategy focused on the three key drivers of behaviour change – trigger, motivation, reward – and gave Vitality stand-out everyday during 2016’s summer of sport. Content formats were developed to give stand out in newsfeeds: Everyday Hero; UGC Secret Athlete videos; plus a range of “hackercise” GIFs. Celebrity ambassadors and influencers amplified the campaign and spread the message further.

The results:

  • 3.7m impressions
  • 660,000 active engagements
  • 5,000 uses of #everydayathlete
  • Video engagement rate of 6 x the standard in this sector
  • Post-campaign research showed Vitality successfully inspired people to think about their health and helped them take small steps to improve their fitness

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