Virgin Holidays

by Client: Virgin Holidays
The brief

Virgin Holidays came to us, seeking to vastly improve their SEO situation. Their rankings had taken a huge hit as a result of Google’s Penguin algorithm, so they needed to vastly improve their search visibility.

Virgin wanted to become the number one travel brand on Google for January 2014, their peak trading month. With that in mind, our Content Marketing team was tasked with creating something to get the brand back to the top of the search engine results pages.

The challenges

Virgin Holidays are one of many firms in the highly-competitive cruise sector. As cruises were a major part of their travel offering, we needed to create something unique and useful to help improve traffic to their website. It needed to present Virgin Holidays as an authority in the cruise market, offering advice on all aspects of such holidays.


With that in mind, we created a number of things, the biggest of which was a content hub – The Ultimate Guide to Cruising. This guide is composed of a series of articles offering sage advice on all aspects of going on a cruise holiday, whether alone, with a partner or with children of all ages.

Being so in-depth required plenty of research, image sourcing and, of course, content production. After so much blood, sweat and tears, we finished the job and received a huge amount of praise from Virgin Holidays’ senior staff for the work we had done. More importantly, the numbers were hugely impressive.

In January 2014, there was a 46% increase in organic site traffic, which led to Virgin Holidays’ most impressive organic traffic month on record.

An additional £40,000 in revenue was generated directly from users reading the cruising guide. As a result, Virgin Holidays no longer had to spend anything on PPC, saving them over £111,000 in the process. Meanwhile, a whopping 697% ROI was delivered from this campaign alone.