Vera & Ruby Inflight Magazines

by Client: Virgin Atlantic

Vera, the monthly inflight entertainment guide on Virgin Atlantic international flights.

Ruby, the bimonthly travel and lifestyle magazine on Little Red domestic flights.

The trial an international hybrid of the two formats: travel and lifestyle content plus news about onboard movies, TV and music.

The Brief

Provide content excellence and media sales services as follows:

Vera inflight entertainment magazine to reflect, through stylish design, edgy photography and incisive copy, the airline’s commitment to giving long haul passengers an eclectic mix of great movies, TV and music.

Ruby magazine to engage and inform UK domestic travellers through cutting edge content about cultural, entertainment and hospitality attractions in destinations from London to Edinburgh.

Next came the brief to trial a hybrid of the two formats: an international lifestyle magazine, with a section dedicated to news about onboard movies, TV and music.

As with Ruby, the emphasis was away from traditional inflight travel content towards entertainment, hidden gems and the movers and shakers behind topical events at destinations.

The Challenge

Vera to drive traffic to seatback screen by communicating the quality, quantity and sheer diversity of inflight entertainment.

Ruby to engage and inform UK domestic passengers about topical events and attractions at destinations, adding value and entertainment to the short haul Little Red journey experience.

The trial of the international hybrid of the two to entertain passengers with destination and events content as well as communicate the variety of inflight entertainment.

Creative Approach

Magazine subject matter, design, photography and writing reflects the boldly individualistic brand image and values of Virgin Atlantic.

Its international and domestic passenger profile is engaged by cutting edge content across fashion, technology, food and drink, culture and entertainment with an emphasis on the celebrities and movers and shakers behind attractions from shops, restaurants and hotels to films, concerts and festivals.

This style-driven approach, coupled with the sophisticated target audience, makes the publications effective vehicles for lifestyle brand advertisers.