Ultimate Dinner Party

by The Creative Engagement Group Client: Siemens

Siemens wanted to demonstrate the intelligent features of their kitchen appliances to an online audience. Alongside a native advertising campaign in the Sunday Times Magazine, ONE TWO FOUR filmed three celebrities discussing their fantasy “Ultimate Dinner Party” whilst cooking in a Siemens kitchen.

The Brief

After being commissioned by Mediacom, we produced 3 x 5’ films with Alexander Armstrong, Gabby Logan and Philip Schofield discussing their fantasy “Ultimate Dinner Party” whilst cooking in a Siemens kitchen.

The Challenge

Siemens wanted to inspire a food savvy audience in the run up to Christmas, and demonstrate how the intelligent and clever features found in Siemens appliances will improve their dinner party experiences and make their lives easier.

Creative Approach

Each film serves up 3 engaging courses, the first of which introduces our celebrity and their fantasy guests, the second is all about the cook and the party, and the final course gets our celebrities to imagine the perfect end to a perfect night. Accompanied by a generous portion of music and just the right sprinkling of Siemens branding.

We utilised a multi camera shoot to work quickly and professionally within our talents restricted availability, and to capture a variety of angles and frame sizes; enabling us to create a dynamic series of shorts.

The Results

The Ultimate Dinner Party is a great example of native advertising content providing entertaining and relevant content for an active audience with the right balance of brand visibility.

The films shown on the Siemens website and YouTube generated over 200k views within a week of launch and through the weekly ads in the Times reached 1.2 million Sunday Times Readers.