Transforming data into brand equity with video

by Progressive Content Client: REED

REED is the UK’s leading recruitment consultancy. Its annual Salary Guides are key to its commercial goals and marketing efforts, providing valued content to both clients and candidates, as well as providing huge PR value. Progressive Content has an established relationship with REED and was asked to produce a video campaign to increase awareness and engagement around the online 2017 Salary Calculator that is produced alongside the Salary Guide.

The Challenge

The goal was to create an engaging video to inspire people to take action during the initial phases of the Salary Guide campaign. In previous years, video was only used to explain how to use the calculator. Therefore, the challenge was to take salary information and present it in a powerful way that would work as a useful piece of standalone promotion, while also driving conversion and data capture through completion of the Salary Calculator.

Our Solution

Progressive Content worked with REED to develop the concept of dynamic animated videos that mirrored the status of flagship technology launches such as Apple and Samsung with a fast-paced soundtrack. A trusted video production company was quickly commissioned using Content Cloud.

A total of 21 videos were created, each with data and graphics targeting one of the REED key sectors.

The videos were promoted through the line on Facebook and LinkedIn. They were further distributed via email, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and hosted on the homepage of, as well as being used for internal communications.


The explosive videos added a new dimension to a campaign that has run every year for the last decade, giving the Salary Guides the feel of a flagship product launch.

The range of edits produced allowed for A:B testing and the execution of a responsive strategy. The videos gained more than 245,000 views and drove more than 31,000 visitors to the campaign’s landing page. More than 9,000 of these visitors registered to receive the guide, a completion rate of 29%. The ROI on the leads generated by video was 275%.

“These videos took an annual industry norm and turned them into something monumental,” said Catherine Maskell, head of marketing at REED. “They succeeded in being visually compelling while also presenting information that was valuable to targeted audiences. Progressive enabled us to transcend our previous boundaries to bring a fresh in-your-face communication style to a new and existing B2B audience.”